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Zooko is an old school cypherpunk who wants to Change The World™ (ok so I kinda am one too).
He's not motivated by greed, but by idealism, and that's key I think to understanding him. He stuck with it when he worked at Chaum's ecash back in the day when he could have bailed out long before the end to more lucrative pastures. He's on a holy crusade to bring private digital cash to the world, but unlike some True Believers (like Richard Stallman), he's friendly and personable.


yeah he seems cool, i watched him launch the genesis block, watched a few videos with him in it like the ethereum + zcash video - which i do have a few questions about... like babyzoe etc

but im off to bed so ill catch you tomorrow, have a good one!


I have installed. Is it true that i must send my taddr coins to my zaddr before i can forward on to exchanges or other wallets?
Im having a hell of a time getting my coins out of the wallet for some reason, I really think zcash dev need to make this easier on newbs if they want it to catch fire


This is necessary only if the coins are freshly mined.


Great, thank you. Is there anyway you can show a step by step way to do this, as when i attempt to do thru your zcash gui wallet, it simply times out, and gives an error. I will double check tonight to make sure these are t1 coins and not tm coins (premine), but maybe post here the wallet terminal sendmany entry code. -would be a huge help to just send the taddr and amount to an existing z addr, then send that received amount from zaddr to the exchange t addr via the GUI wallet, right?


Your coins do not appear to be mined. If the GUI wallet gives an error after time-out somehting is wrong... What is the error message?


-8 code i think is the error, but im not in front of it.
Cant someone just get me the correct sendmany code to copy and paste, then reinsert my correct taddr's? Seems easier to me, but what do i know, im here asking for help-LOL #frustratedtothemaxwithzcash


Could you get in front of your wallet and try again and paste or screenshot the entire error message? Thanks! Sorry you're frustrated!


I will guys, thanks, be back in a few hours once in front of pc


@vaklinov I'm working on bundling your wallet for OSX and I realized I don't know what to call it. What name would you like? If you don't care I'll fork and come up with something myself :wink:


I do not mind. You may call it as you wish if the name it currently holds is not suitable...


Just remember guys, searching on uspto.gov is your friend :slight_smile:


"ZUI" :slight_smile:


@vaklinov I'm wondering if it makes sense to try launching start zcashd on startup. (Like immediately after constructing the ZCashClientCaller) It is harmless if the daemon is already running and makes it easier for noobs.


I have thought of such a feature too. However sometimes the daemon takes a while to start. So the GUI will need to wait and let the user know what it happening... will be done eventually but not a high priority for me.


Implemented on my branch, feel free to pull


@vaklinov I started an "address-book" branch.. (please forgive my utter lack of Swing skills).


Is this GUI endorsed by Zcash


not "officially", they don't endorse ANY gui wallet formally.


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Thank you, but bear in mind that I was not involved in the parameter generation ceremony, nor have I reviewed all of the related code. I believe the ceremony was performed securely, but that belief is based on trust in my colleagues and the reputations of some of the paramgen participants; it isn't direct knowledge.