ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet


I have also seen this behaviour before... The GUI wallet does not record dates on its own. It uses the dates reported by the ZCash-core implementation. Feel free to open a bug to the Zcash folks :wink:



Any ideas why I have these errors?

java.io.IOException: error: couldn’t connect to server: unknown (code -1)
(make sure server is running and you are connecting to the correct RPC port)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashClientCaller.getDaemonRawRuntimeInfo(ZCashClientCaller.java:172)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.StartupProgressDialog.waitForStartup(StartupProgressDialog.java:128)
at com.vaklinov.zcashui.ZCashUI.main(ZCashUI.java:439)



The zcashd daemon failed to start properly… the log files may reveal why:

One thing you may try is to start zcashd manually and then the GUI wallet after that…


I opened ~/.zcash/debug.log and it didn’t show anything useful. Also starting manually zcashd didn’t work. Any other ideas?
The wallet was working fine 3/4 hours syncing and then it crashed… by itself. I am using it on virtual machine


If zcashd cannot be manually started the ~/.zcash/debug.log should be showing something. Can you verify that zcashd continues to run after you start it. Another thing you could try:

  • Run zcashd manually from one console
  • From another console run the command zcash-cli getinfo


Saw in the github page, project as been depreciated. Thanks for the good work @vaklinov. Hopefully someone else would continue this. I love using this wallet.


I also join giving thanks to @vaklinov. Thank you!

Now… and sorry if this sounds too newbie… but how/where will I get a GUI for the ZCash Daemon?


“It takes some time to generate the genesis block, and build the binaries. We’re going to mint the genesis block and prepare binaries and things the night before (i.e. tomorrow evening, Thursday, Oct 27). Then go to sleep. Then get up and release it the next morning, San Francisco time. Keep an eye on our twitter feed: https://twitter.com/ZcashCo


Can I ask why you stopped working on this? It was great!


I can’t use my wallet. What should I do now?


you can try using the cli or if with gui TheTrunk version https://github.com/TheTrunk/zcash-swing-wallet


TheTrunk looks great. Big ups for your work!
May I ask for some opinions about this GUI wallet from users?