Zcash double spending to cancel the transaction

Hi everyone.
I have a not confirmed zcash transaction and I’m wondering if there is some kind of guideline how to make double spending for existing transaction - to cancel the initial one.

TID: 2d804f5d6fad422ea0c6f0037159e78d72ce7e2ccc168b63475bd8823da4eb21

I dont think it works that way, theres no reversing the transaction, thats the whole idea of blockchain, permanence

There is a set of actions corresponding to bitcoin:

I’m wondering what are the mechanics applying to zcash.

Something the devs have considered is pulling in the abandontransaction RPC from bitcoin. https://github.com/zcash/zcash/issues/2482

I too wonder if anyone has successfully canceled a unconfirmed zcash transaction, though.