Zcash forum discriminating based on IP addresses

I just tried logging in to the forum on Tor browser and received this error message:

I got around the issue by building a new circuit. A minor nuisance, but also highlights the futility of this kind of discrimination.

I would like to see an end to IP address-based discrimination. Please turn off this “feature” on the forum so that Tor users (and others who may happen to use “bad” IP addresses) can continue using the site without issue.

This is a side-effect of the default anti-spam behaviour of Discourse, rather than an intentional policy to discriminate against Tor. Discourse isn’t distinguishing between Tor and other IPs, so it may end up blocking a Tor exit if it sees something posted from that exit that it categorises as spam. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t actually know how to fix it short of switching off IP filtering entirely, which would cause a substantial increase in the amount of work that moderators would need to do to keep the forum spam-free. (By and large, spammers don’t use Tor.)

BTW, if you want any particular range unblocked, I can do that (because unblocking ranges occasionally and on an ad-hoc basis wouldn’t have a significant effect on spam filtering).


its depend of situation…example me my phone always changes IP because somebody hack my phone…how can you fix that???
lets make other option…

We can’t do anything about the IP assignment behaviour of your phone. That seems to be quite a different issue to the original one with Tor.

I sympathize with anyone experiencing false-positive spam blocking, but it really isn’t practical, given the number of people we have acting as moderators and the time they have available, to disable IP blocking.

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OMG…thats why im flagged??