Zcash Foundation Priorities

best idea ever:
form a new Foundation that has different priorities
that puts community and adoption first.
turn the existing engineering team into separate R&D team that builds solutions and tools for Zcash
they will get money from Dev Fund and hopefully from entities that want to utilize privacy solutions
how can i be the only one who see it as a solution?
Zcash is a community project can we vote for it?
i am tired of hearing about ZIP 1014
the problem is there way before ZIP 1014 existed

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I don’t think this it’s simple to do. Every Foundation says that’s what they do. But who gets to decide that they don’t?

And if we end up voting on everything, the Foundation will not have any room to operate.

Project teams will constantly be in funding mode and only projects with the most “appeal” will get funded. It’s gonna be a demagogy race.

Having a roster of proven people seems to discourage new comers and give the impression of nepotism. I’d rather have objective requirements.

For example, let’s consider a light wallet project. Here are some possible criteria:

  • Accept ZIP-212 seeds
  • Sync at a speed greater than X blocks / sec: covers initial sync and regular catchup
  • Transparent and Shielded addresses derivation. Multiple addresses optional
  • Must be able to make a payment in X secs (signing N notes)
  • Must show unconfirmed incoming / outgoing transactions
  • Wallets must support at least X transactions in history and Y outstand receiving notes. Reference wallet: zsviewXYZ.

It’s a starting point for negotiations. But once the final contract is written, neither party should be able to get out without compensation.

If the ZOMG does not have the resources to check, it could offer small bounties to testers to arbitrate disputes.

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i dont need to decide that they don’t i just see it for what it is…
adoption is important?? but Zaddress on Ledger isn’t a high priority. not something that bothers anyone there more than ZIP 1014 …
Community is important? but they have 0 community managers 0 community engagement or growing operations…
also official UI is important, imagine someone approaches to them to do something related to wallet like buy ZEC directly from the mobile wallet. so they say: “oh no we don’t have official wallet you can talk to team Nighthawk we don’t know who exactly is working there but they promised that they have 10 years of experience.” … man plz i’m not born yesterday
The foundation does nothing they don’t even have advisory panel because they don’t need advice probably… no partnerships either i can’t find any on their website
so . i dont see them pushing hard to fulfil the goals listed here About the Zcash Foundation – The Zcash Foundation
its easy to spot a well operating Foundation, the industry is big enough to compare
i follow zcash 3 years and its better in pushing people away from collaboration than attracting them.
Zcash is positioned so well as ZKP tech pioneers and privacy project they didn’t have to do much to attract people compared to other projects, but somehow we are where we are.

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I was not talking about the current Foundation but the Foundation that you want to have. My point is that any running candidate will say they are the best. You just need to look at any government election.

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well its all about the priorities here
in the strategy i propose the priority of engineering the zebrad is moving away with the team, so we are open to the other stuff that is not being done.
things not necessary going to be perfect and probably will take time
but at least we begin the movement in the right direction
right now we are standing

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