Zcash Foundation Update — July, 2018

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Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely August so far. Apologies for the delay in sending this email — I was tied up with the Decentralized Web Summit last week. But I’ll tell you about that next month in the August recap :slight_smile:

After a very eventful June, the Foundation spent July getting our feet back under us. There’s a lot going on internally that we’re not ready to announce, except in broad strokes: We’re continuing to work on hiring, technical partnerships, the grants program, and an overhaul of our web presence.

Notable July events:

— On the 3rd, we published the Foundation’s interpretation of the results from our governance process, including thoughts on how to improve it next time: https://z.cash.foundation//blog/governance-results/

— On the 10th, we weighed in on the Zcash Ecosystem Fund controversy: https://z.cash.foundation//blog/founders-reward/

— On the 12th, we published a comprehensive Zcon0 recap with lots of links: https://z.cash.foundation//blog/zcon0-recap/

— On the 26th, we were pleased to see Bitmain take further steps toward transparency: https://blog.bitmain.com/en/transparency-policy-shipping-mining-practices/

Bitmain’s announcement is worth including because it was formulated, at least in part, as a response to our June request that hardware manufacturers start sharing more metrics: https://z.cash.foundation//blog/hardware-transparency/ (we know this for certain from conversations with Bitmain staff)

A few additional items from the wider world of Zcash…

Billy Garrison blogged about how and why to participate in the Sapling MPC:

  1. https://medium.com/@blockchainbilly/participating-in-the-zcash-sapling-mpc-8fdbe89d8838

  2. https://medium.com/@blockchainbilly/what-is-the-zcash-sapling-mpc-ceremony-8b9c29e4c7c6

BitGo added Zcash support! “BitGo isn’t a run-of-the-mill ZCash implementation — this is the FIRST multi-signature ZCash wallet. Technical folks will know that multi-sig in ZCash is different from other blockchains and it does affect privacy. But finally — a secure platform for ZCash is here!” — BitGo CEO Mike Belshe: https://twitter.com/mikebelshe/status/1022128951693459456

Coinbase might add support for $ZEC, a possibility summed up in a Zcash Company blog post: https://blog.z.cash/coinbase-exploring-zcash/

Reply to this email if you have any specific questions and I’ll be happy to provide whatever additional details I can! Thank you.