Zcash Foundations Voting and Governance Panel

This thread is for discussing the Zcash Foundations Governance Panel and Voting.

Some users feel the first round of the Zcash Foundations Governance Panel was too small and was not representative of the larger Community. Furthermore, some feel that the Foundations Governance Panel and Voting results should have had more influence on Zcash Company’s descisions.

I’m moving conversation pertaining to such here.


They still put profits first. That is what businesses do. If you are broke you cant improve peoples lives. If you are selling a toothbrush to improve peoples lives and it costs you money to sell it to them, you wont be in business very long.

Did you not see where the panel had no effect on the outcome? Why do you keep bringing up the panel? Just because you were on it?

But yes, lets have another panel and allow the “community”(64 people) to vote for something. And no matter what the outcome of that vote is, the Zcash team will decide what they were going to do anyways. Why even vote?

But im glad you feel your voice was heard, thousands of people were not.

Putting profits first means putting the community and protocol development first, and they have.

Did you not see where the panel had no effect on the outcome. Why do you keep bringing up the panel?

The governance process over Zcash’s protocol improvement is important. The vote confirmed that the majority of stake holders in the community, myself included, don’t actually care about ASIC-resistance as an all-or-nothing principle. It did have a big influence/impact.

thousands of people were not

The option to join and vote was completely open and transparent for anyone here to join. It was that way for many months. If users don’t care enough to make a simple request to join a voting panel, they can’t then expect to make much of an impact by shouting their point of view. I agree that we need more than 64 members voting, but my concern now is that those who are self-interested will try and game the voting system with fake accounts.

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1.They have come out and said, even if we voted to brick ASICs, it would not of mattered, they couldnt fork at the time. “We couldnt risk it”.

2.It was a FOUNDATION vote, they have zero control over the decision the Zcash Co makes.
Why do you keep bringing up this vote like the communty voted and it mattered, just because you were on it?

You can belive what you want to belive, even when everything points to say otherwise. …


The foundation and community members have influence and that influence does matter. Just because you say otherwise doesn’t make that the case. Let’s get back on topic.


Its not just me saying it. Devs/Team members and Mods have said it, but go ahead and keep your blinders on.

This is the reason I am being so vocal right now. We have people that still think the last vote counted, when infact we have been told from many sources, it would not of mattered what we voted. They would not of forked even if we wanted.

Is the future of Zcash going to continue the “sham” panel voting like last time, or will it listen to the commuity.

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You keep saying “the panel had no effect on the outcome” and that just isn’t true or fair. The panel questions had some limited scope, and was mainly oriented at setting priorities for the foundation itself. I think what you’re getting at is that the panel didn’t have an item like “the company must switch pow to deprecate asics immediately”. I sympathize with that, but that wasn’t what it was for. Votes carried out by/for the foundation will have increasing impact as: a) the foundation has additional developer staff including core devs that could maintain a fork independent of the company, b) has rights over the trademark, c) if the voting process itself is seen as legitimate, resistant to Sybils/Invaders, and representative.

In any case, the foundation will still just be one entity, and I don’t think it will either 1) operate entirely by community vote, or 2) be fully responsible for the network or development activities either. You don’t need anyone’s permission to form a dev team and build a fork and promote it (trademark notwithstanding). Everything else governance-wise we’re doing is meant to simplify and smooth that process, but that’s the baseline.


Im not the one that keeps saying this, I am repeating what the dev/team members/mods have said…Why do people think i just made this up?

Not just you, we all need a refresher once in a while

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