"Zcash founders will make $858,916 per day without mining". Is this true?



Yeah, pretty much, their investment is back within a couple of days.

Why withdrawn? it’s a legitimate discussion topic…

No, they will make 7200 ZEC per day. Right now if they were to try to sell that they would wipe the books clean.

and all they left behind was the best implementation of libzerocoin to date?

After slow start 12.5ZEC per block x 24 blocks per hour x 24 hour in a day = 7200

1440 Founders Rewards
5760 Miners Rewards (+ transaction fees if you solo or the pool pays them out)

I saw this first line and stopped reading. Anyone who has been following the project prior to launch knows the exact opposite is true. They have always been incredibly transparent. I understand why some may not like the founders reward but it is disingenuous to say they have kept people in the dark e.g. see this post as just one example Continued Funding and Transparency - Electric Coin Company


Not to mention that not a single ZEC has been sent on from the dev account (https://explorer.zcha.in/accounts/t3Vz22vK5z2LcKEdg16Yv4FFneEL1zg9ojd)

Also interesting to note that some pool has added themselves into the coinbase out (address t1gbAeQB1nWC7yhKZeTjhoFLg9NHEhBs5qw).

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no surprise there, its nicehash.

so what are you saying?

that nicehash is running a modified zcash daemon; which adds their own ‘cut’ in.

your saying as far as a fee?

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you could look at it that way.

most if not all pools divide the block up after it has been generated. they divide it up amongst the miners and they’ll keep a retainer. the fact they’ve modified the daemon itself is a bit raise eyebrow.

@NikiNiceHash can you elaborate?

Pool fee goes directly to Pool Operator.
We take nothing for ourselves.

If you have any reasonable questions, I can forward them to the operator.

but the pool operator is nicehash right? http://zcash.nicehash.com/
i dont have a problem inasmuch taking a portion of found blocks, just a bit underhanded the way its done.

Zcash pool is sponsored by NiceHash but head of pool operation is outside contractor. Pool operator takes 1% fee. NiceHash.com as a marketplace is only providing short 24h contracts (currently frozen)/fixed orders on that pool. We don’t take any order fee on that pool and not any share of ZEC from that pool OR the pool operator.
So, we don’t operate with any of the two wallets.

So far, at $129/ZEC, the founders’ wallet has about $950K in it. Not a bad return on their investment, I think they’ll cover their R&D costs nicely, and they deserve every penny if you ask me :slight_smile:

Go @Zooko!

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