$ZEC noob miner questions

Hello everyone, I would love to support your network. I have a few questions I need answered first.

  1. How much money do I need to invest in ZEC mining to pull 2-5 ZEC per day?

  2. Is Genesis mining worth the money?

  1. Not sure. 800sol/s is getting me roughly 0.08-0.1 ZEC a day. 3 GPU’s costing roughly $750. I would say you are looking at spending upwards of $15k to get 2+ ZEC a day.

  2. Hell no.

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I’m running 6 x rx 480 and I get 0.13 zec a day (average).
You’ll need 16 rigs running rx 480. So thats roughly close to 20,000 dollars investment.
You can cut down the cost by using some cheap parts… but give or take 15k to 20k initial investment.

Crazy the amount of investment needed to just get 1 coin a day so soon after launch I have 4300s/s and can manage 0.5 zcash on a good day which brings in around $19 depending on exchange prices, this to me is a problem created by zcash perimeters equihash with it allowing every GPU on the planet old or new to mine zcash, older GPU’s are better than new ones in some cases which will cause people to stop investing in new hardware and those that have like me will look to other coins to cover costs,as of now I am mining to break even,the only winners are zcash investors collecting there 20% from every coin mined,us miners that keep the system going get the scraps after
20%=founders fee
2.5%=miner Claymore or 10%= Optiminer
1%=pool fees
Exchange fee varies but they take a cut when changing to bitcoin
50% power company
Initial investment for mining rig 5 GPU RX 480 8G = $1700 (estimated)
These are the numbers new investors in mining need to look at before investing there hard earned cash,and the time needed to keep up with development and run these rigs is quite consuming for small percentage in return there is no such think as free money!

If someone would like to set up a mining op in my area I will pay you well. I need a working mine making 1 ZEC a day at the very least

And where are you located? Dubai?

about 20k to 40k I would say !!

Do you have free electricity?

I am still looking into these matters and appreciate all the responses here. Thank you very much.

if you didnt invest 1 month ago dont invest now.