Zcash GPU Mining for Mac and AMD 580

Hello all,

I searched everywhere and could not find a miner for Zcash for mac amd. THere is CPU miner and a GPU Miner for Nvidia Cuda.

Is there another solution for that? I would like to try and see how many sol/s I get with my 8GB Radeon.

Thank you in advance

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Maybe @kozyilmaz can help you.

Weolcome to MacOS mining world.


thank you

@kozyilmaz can you help me? Do you have any idea?

@macperlita I tried with a virtual machine and in VM there is the amd grapgic card is missing. They are using their own virtual grafic card.
So I booted than windows over an external hdd (I could not start via boot camp while I have a fusion hdd drive it was not possible) and than my amd radeon 580 was found and I could try ZCash for windows. I had 225 sol/s so I would like to also use my gpu under Mac :slight_smile:

@fatihilhan check this one out, it has OpenCL support

yeah I have no idea why there are no miner for Mac