Zcash GPU Mining OpenCL (AMD Cards) on Windows 10 simplified + Wallet generation

Dear all,

I have been reading about various topics over here and found that most of you using AMD GPU’s such as RX 480 or RX 390x are facing crashing problems while using GenOil edition.

First of all, it took some time for me to find a Zcash wallet than can easily be made on web. The only one wallet I found that can be generated easily that time was on www.bittrex.com. Simply click on PLUS Sign (+) beside Zcash and generate a single wallet on it.

I have started mining Zcash from day 1 of its launch and I am using zcashgpuclient 0.2.0. Not a single time it has crashed. I am using Windows 10 64bit Anniversary edition and I am having 8 Rigs of Five RX 480 8GB each. Each rig is hashing about 78 Sols/s (5 of RX 480 8GB). I am sure this can be tweaked, but have to wait for sometime until we get some genius coming out with tricks.

You can get gpuclient for windows from below resources:



Once you download it, simply unzip the files to a folder. Once the folder is made, ENSURE YOU EDIT CONFIG.TXT and replace it with your OWN WALLET ADDRESS (e.g. generated from bittrex -dot- com). The screenshot is as below:

So as mentioned in the screen, the wallet address start with ‘t’ which was generated using bittrex. Once you save this config file, just run the zcashgpuclient.exe and it will start mining. The current server (POOL) is coinsforall.io. You can check your earnings by simply visiting the link:

http:// www. coinsforall.io /#!/coin/ZCASH/wallet/ paste-your-wallet-address-here

replace your wallet address after / wallet / xxxxxx and you can see your earnings.

For those, looking to generate GPU + CPU Both together, I recommend to run nhequiminer using suprnova.cc server simultaneously. Means two EXEs will be running, one zcashcpuminer .exe and second nhequiminer .exe. The difference is, the earnings of both will be from different pool, first one from coinsforall .io and second from suprnova .cc. Ensure to create a suprnova .cc account if you intend to use CPU mining. All earnings through suprnova .cc can be withdrawn from their accounts if you past the same bittrex wallet that was generated. 1 wallet address is enough for both.

Hope this is simplied for all. I didn’t find this information anywhere on this forum. Incase, this is double posted in anyway, I am sorry about. Happy Zcash Mining and hope the price of Zcash skyrockets soon!!

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