Zcash Grants Showcase

Zcash Grants Dashboard

I have been following Zcash since 2019. Recently I started building websites and started working on a way to make the Grant data more accessible for the Zcash Community. I created a database site that showcases live data related to grants, and will also host enriched data on individual grantees.

The site is live and community members can view it here: https://zcash.grant3.co/

What is it?

I created a dashboard for Zcash grants. This gives community members a bird’s eye view of the current and past happenings in the ZCG. At present, a dashboard exists on Google Sheets, this is my attempt to present the data in an aesthetic way which also has an intuitive interface. The database for Zcash Community grants aims to be the go-to resource for the community to get information on various aspects of ZCG.

Viewers can easily see and identify key statistics and indicators relating to Grant amount, applicants, and the overall statistics for the Grant program treasury.

What’s next?

  1. ZCG grantee database: I am also working on creating a comprehensive list of Zcash grantees. This list will be filterable based on various parameters to help community members. Each grantee will have a detailed page which will be tailored not in the form of Grant application but more of a grant wiki with all the general information about the project so that the community members can learn more about the project beyond grants.
  2. ZCG applicant database: List of all applicants who applied but did not secure grants. A greater effort to increase the transparency of the ZCG.
  3. Zcash Analytics directory: A simple and intuitive list of all the necessary resources about the Zcash ecosystem.

Why we work on this

While ecosystems award millions in grants to projects and individuals, there is no easy way to systematically view these grantees. This is especially more likely in the case of DAOs where grantee data is buried in the forums. My aim is to make Grant data easily accessible to the community, and the grantee details to be easily discoverable for further uses.

Currently, the dashboard for Zcash grants is stored in a Google sheet, which to its credit is fully maintained. We want to make this data even more accessible and fun to view and hence the charts.

Having easily accessible grantee data is also very important for the Grant program. Firstly, everyone including the applicants can easily discover if a grantee with a similar product has been funded, which in some cases leads to rejection like in this case on Questbook. This can save the time of both the applicant and the grant committee. Furthermore, if a similar product has already been granted, the applicant can modify their product in a more innovative way to offer a unique service or even upgrade the product of the previous grantee.

I will keep posting updates about the site on this thread. If you have any feedback or suggesitions for more cool things to do on this site, please feel free to ping me.


dude ur doin gods work wif dis. keep going. dis is needed.


Very interesting, is it possible to check proposals by regions / languages?


Great initiative!

A great tool, not only for the ZCG committee, but for the entire global community.

Thanks for making it possible.

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It should be possible if the proposers/applicants have mentioned the regions. But difficult to keep data uniform on regions and languages. I will make sure to dedicate time to this suggestions and see how can I integrate the datapoints.

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Thanks for the feedback, I aim to keep adding cool stuff to help the community with analysis and information.


Good initiative. Is there a github repo people could contribute to?


Very interesting project, I like it,


Hey @Milton thanks for considering us. At the moment, we are hosting the site on no-code platforms. But plan to move it to an open-source.
If you have anything for which you would like to use the site which could benefit the Zcash community, please feel free to ping me. Would be happy to make it as a platform that community members can make use of.

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Congrats and thank you for your great work! This is very useful for all the Zcash community.


This is very useful tool for Zodler.Thank you for your contributions :slight_smile:


Thank you for the appreciation, I will keep working to make this even better