Zcash icon for twitter

I noticed Tron has their logo emoji-fied, why don’t we get Zcash logo on twitter? The ASCII Z doesn’t count.

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Interesting, the only emoji Z supported by most browsers is the unicode: ᙇ

How did Tron get thiers? Is it only on Twitter, and how would you type it?


So on Twitter it looks like this:

But, if I copy/paste thier text it looks like this:

:partying_face:Congrats to the winners! :trophy:

:incoming_envelope:Please DM us shortly for your info so we can send your #TRON swag pack prize!:gift:

:rocket:Let’s celebrate together on #TRON’s next adventure: APOLLO!

So that tells me it’s only Twitter specific and appears after certain #hashtags .

@joshs is that something the ECC could get though Twitter for #Zcash #ZEC #z2z ?


Oops you are right, its unicode. :nerd_face:

Tron likely paid the 1M price for it I am guessing?
Would be cool if Zcash community or ECC could pony up the cash for this…

  1. Is Twitter's $1M price tag for branded emojis worth it? | Marketing Dive

  2. https://marketing.twitter.com/en/insights/best-practices-for-supercharging-campaigns-with-branded-emojis

Ah, that’s how they did it. Is the $1M a real price or is it negotiable? And since it a “campaign” I’m not sure it’s perpetual, may be for a limited period of time.

Was talking to my gf and she said twitter denied giving Ethereum a logo a while back, assuming they didn’t want to fork up the cash.

#BNB has a coin logo as well as some others.
It makes sense for CZ because he owns one of the biggest exchanges and 1m is nothing to him.
Justin Sun somehow has 4m to spend on a dinner with warren buffet so 1m is nothing to him either.

The article is a little unclear on if that is the regular price, or if that was only for during the super bowl.
Yats are becoming popular because of emoji culture, I think it is a good idea to follow the trend here. However, I don’t think it is a good use of funds at the current price of checks chart… $253.

4000 zec for that? Not worth.