Zcash Introduction Video [Zcash Foundation Awarded Grant]


@Shawn apologies for the delay! We have made a few changes, nothing too major but some timing and spacing issue fixes. Currently, we are reworking the zcash logo as we were recently made aware of a minor trademark issue. Of course, we have no issues with using the version that is uploaded right now at Zcon0 if the foundation wanted something to show - even if it was just a little sample clip, perhaps not the whole video. There aren’t any major errors and the video looks and sounds sharp.

I had a great talk with the Zcash marketing director, Josh Swihart, this past Friday about a few rebranding details Zcash will be undergoing over the next couple months. Some of that may find its way into this video, so we’re holding off a bit to see what we’ll need/want to incorporate - but for now, as long as the trademarking is good to go, the video should be fine for “wide” release.

A further update, i’ll be back here next time with a script for the zk-snarks video. I’d like to repeat the process from last time. We’ll upload a script and get feedback and hopefully we’ll have some voices chime in on if we’re going too deep into snarks or barely scratching the surface, if the video is too technical or not enough, etc. Open for discussion here!


@public_image Has the final cut for this version been released yet? I would like to get it out there to be a good talking point and since Sapling is near we will be getting alot of media attention that could also reflect well on your work.


Goodness…9+ months to release a 3 minute video…ffs, some random Youtuber could have had one in an hour for a hundred bucks.

The release of this video Pre-Sapling is critical, a point that cannot be understated.


Any word on the video?


There is a new video by some people on YouTube, it’s already pretty outdated
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I have to say that radio silence from @public_image who received Zcash Foundation Grant funding for two videos is disappointing. :neutral_face:


Hi everyone,

Apologies for the delay in response. We are still here and absolutely committed to getting final products done.

I was away on holiday with family for a couple weeks. Just got back this past weekend and endured an office/studio relocation. Its been a very trying week.

I have a meeting coming up with this Monday with Chris, who is our lead on this project (and unfortunately a couple handfuls of others), I will put Zcash at the top of the list.

Going through my notes now, I’m seeing that we were waiting on rebrand information from the zcash company, not the foundation. That still isn’t scheduled til October. I think that is why this project got pushed back, we were contacted by the zcash company and were made aware of a rebrand. I have in my notes that there may be some changes, so we were initially holding off on putting more hours into the intro video in case there would be changes to our compositions.

However, that being said, I also see in my notes that technically, a logo switch could be made and the video we produced should be legally acceptable by the zcash company - I think the company gets final word on what gets output to the public.

Finally, I will also bring up on Mondays meeting the zksnarks video that I think has been quite a feat to take on. Last meeting I recall about it there were a couple of scripts submitted by Chris and a staff writer, one was very technical (hard to properly exemplify in a video) and the other was way to simple and not comprehensive enough.

I know everyone has been incredibly patient. Thank you for that. Please bear with me just a little more and updates will follow.

All the best,


Update on Grants and Grant Winners

thanks for the update!


Thanks for the update, I wasn’t aware that Zcash Company had asked you to hold off until the re-brand, that makes sense.


Now that the re-brand is complete where are we at @public_image ?


Rebrand on the site is awesome! The video on the site is not from us, but I like it. I will admit, seeing a video on the new site was a bit surprising- not that one is/was owed to us, but we weren’t given a heads up about that at all, seems like a zcash company matter and not a foundation matter. When we were first putting together the introduction video, we thought about going the stock footage route but it didn’t feel unique or custom enough for what we had in mind. We’re just so used to seeing stock footage used in tech videos, it looks and feels a bit obvious that it’s stock footage. When we shoot our own production, we always have scripts and actors which immediately does away with look/vibe of stock footage.

We are reworking a few things on the video that we produced to try and match the feel of the rebrand. I also think the voice-over is still preferred over fly-by text. We know that what we were granted to produce was never a guarantee that it would be used, and it was granted by the foundation, not the company. No matter what, we’ll come through with a final version, used or not. We’re still dedicated to putting together the zk-snarks video, most of which has been built. The compositions of the zk-snarks video matched the feel/style of our intro video, so we are trying to see what is salvageable, while adapting the vibe of the rebrand.


I wouldn’t read to much into the Video the Zcash Company put out. I think there is still plenty of room to get your video out there, even if it’s not used on the Zcash Company site it could be used on the Foundation site, or Zcash Community site.