Zcash Latinoamérica - ZOMG Proposal

Translation is only one tiny bit of outreach. You also need Being able to adapt your product to the idiosyncrasy of every region you want to target. Some things don’t translate well…
To give you an example. I bought a cellphone stand. The brand is called “Home Office!”. That makes total sense, they make wooden stands for electronic appliances like phone, laptops, tablets, etc. But, their logo… is “HO!”. Well… that doesn’t translate well. If I were to market this product in a native English speaking region, I would have a problem “HO!” reads pretty much the same as a slang insult :joy:Nobody wants a cellphone stand that accuses you of promiscuos sexual behavior :laughing::laughing::laughing:

that’s why I like this idea. Is in the right place, but It cannot be an isolated effort. Some of the worst localization efforts are those that end up feeling as a second class citizen. Given Zcash’s mission, that’s not an option. we need an integrated approach to localization.


Hi @pitmutt,

Thank you for your proposal. The @ZOMG has voted to decline funding at this time. Although it should be noted that the grants committee is working to create RFPs for Zcash content to be translated into multiple languages, & would encourage you to reapply when that launches.


Thank you for the opportunity and feedback.

Will be on the lookout for those RFPs.