Zcash market cap graph compared to XMR, XRP, ETH's early days

I want to draw people’s attention to something about the publicly available data about the market price of Zcash.

“Market cap” (supply * spot price) of XMR, first 4 & ½ months of its existence:

Market cap of XRP, first 4 & ½ months of its existence:

Market cap of ETH, first 4 & ½ months of its existence:

Market cap of ZEC, first 4 & ½ months of its existence:

Now I don’t want to add color of my own interpretation, I just want to say Hey look at this data! Something interesting is going on.

I’m not just showing you this to promote Zcash and show you how it is gaining market cap. Yes, that’s super great, but my point is there’s something unusual about that data set, that asks for an explanation.

I don’t know the explanation, and I’m not going to post my guesses. If you do, let’s hear it. Also, link to comparable data sets.


Unusual in that the market cap has increased substantially, or in the roughly constant first derivative (or both)?

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been staring at this myself… several theories, but don’t have a good answer, yet.

I am having a hard time believing that the creator of zcash is the thread OP. How about you start with comparing the distribution / inflation schedules…

you should write something constructive… so, we can agree, or disagree.

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(not saying you’re wrong, BTW) in other words - please explain inflation schedule, and distribution’s affect on market cap/exchange rate. especially distribution!

i challenge anybody to find me another chart that looks like this. KeK.gg there’s no correlation between market cap, and exchange rate. suppression?

I think your monero chart needs to be adjusted to end on Oct 6, 2014 to include it in the group.
For analysis, to me this shows the solidity of what we are building. Most (possibly all) other successful cryptos started out their first few months with unstable or seemingly unattainable market cap. This is definitely not the case with Zcash.

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To me it’s simply that the founders kept increasing the supply (apparently they can increase the supply at their will, without specific schedule, and we can’t verify if they issue new tokens for themselves given it’s encrypted).
However I don’t understand why increasing the supply wouldn’t drive the price down. Would love more colors on that.

increasing supply would keep the price suppressed, and the chart doesn’t look like that anymore… imo, somebody was using USD-BTC to suppress ZEC via triangular arbitrage

Like someone else said, the Monero chart is not correct. It did same as Zcash. Both may just be the result of being decent coins people wanted, combined with being released at the same time Bitcoin was going up. I think a better comparison is how it has done in the past 3 and 1 months. On the 3 months measure Zcash is a disaster compared to ETH, Dash, and Ripple but did better than Monero and bitcoin. But in the past month, it is keeping up with all of them. That’s an upward trend so that from here on out it could continue to do better. There’s something more serious and less politically involved in Zcash compared to the other coins, so Zcash might suffer from lack of notoriety in both extremes of “casually interested” and active socially-oriented cryptocoiners. Once it’s more windows-friendly, the “casually interested” may be its first big breakthrough which will cause the active socially-oriented cryptocoiners to take note. Right now, it’s just those serious about privacy and simplicity that it attracts.

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