Zcash mining with AMD FX 8350 + AMD 7950 GPU

I am mining with v0.5 genoil gpu miner and getting around 20-25 sol/s. And also mining with AMD 8350 -t6 and getting around 10-11 sol/s.

Is that ok ? I am mining in flypool. What is the best gpu and cpu miner so far?

yup. that´s what i got here

Yes , my amd 7950 match your hashrate.
Probably the hashrate will increase if using two GPU solvers, but it’s not possible because the memory usage is about 1.7 GB per solver and the card has 3gb.
Tried to modify some params for minor mem usage (-i 16–19) but the kernel crashes.

I have AMD FX-8300 and it gives 18.4 - 20 sol/s.

I have amd 6300 i get 11-13 sols/s (nheqminer_zcash) and xfx 7970 20-26 sols/s (genoil)

I have fx 8350- t 7: 12s/s

That’s a good rate for a 7950. Same speeds are most people’s 290s and 480s.

fx 8320 - 11sol/s here

Have your overclocked your cpu ? I only get 10-11 sol/s with -t 6 in my 8350 processor.

Getting around 17S/s on my AMD 7950. :confused: Any reason for why mine might be lower?

AMD 7950 3GB with Genoil 0.6 ~ 25-30 sol/s

genoil.exe -c stratum.zcash.nicehash.com:3357 -u t1Mm9bhJmHaKdTNm71JtKgDiCyzodo3FSno -p x -i 19 -w 16 -k zec zec

if someone glad the hint pls mine 10mins for me! :blush:

My hd7950 3GB supernova.cc with Genoil

I will try with 6xhd7950

180 h/s = 1000$ month (if the profitability calculator is right) :fearful:

Hello guys
I have amd fx 8300 cpu
and gtx 1060 6gb gpu
I’m mining ETH using my gpu and claymore dual app
I got 22.75 Mh/s
I wanted to mine some coin which use just cpu
I started to mine XMR using xmr-stak app and I got 570 h/s
but when I use both mining apps the claymore ETH hash rate became 4.34 Mh/s
so I figured out that xmr-stak app is influencing claymore app mining operation.
so please guys what is your tips for me to do?