CPU "AMD vs INTEL" Sol/s

“AMD vs INTEL” wich CPU are you using and how many Sol/s you get ;-)??

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Im getting 25 sol/s on an i7 6700 intel

14-16 sols/s on i7 4710hq with 7 threads
2.5-3 sols/s on amd athlon II x4 640 4 threads

23 Sol/s XEON 8 Core AVX
25 Sol/s XEON 4 Core AVX2

~0 Sol/s AMD FX-9590 8 core (Locks up computer after a few minutes mining)

Cooler Master Seidon 120XL

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4770k stock 22 sol -t6 AVX2 (dual channel ram)
4770k stock 11 sol -t6 AVX2 (single channel ram)
3930k 4GHz 13 sol -t10 AVX (dual channel ram)
3930k 4GHz 21 sol -t10 AVX (quad channel ram)

I’m getting 25 Sol/s with a $25 GPU. Why even botter with CPU mining these days.
Radeon 7850 2GB

Aren’t these Xeons and i7 like $400? And the most you can have per motherboard is 1.

I’m getting ~15-18 sol/s on fx9590

AMD FX 9370 @ stock speeds 15sol/s using 6 out of 8 threads

@andretti how are you getting 15-80 sol/s is out of my mind, 9590 cannot be that faster than 9370 since it’s only 300mhz faster per core which is almost nothing…

Getting 37sol on 5820k @ 4.0ghz
and 18sol on 3570k @ 4.0 ghz
and 17sol on 4700HQ

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What kind of cooling are you running on the 9590?

Wow, really 25 Sol/s on 7850? What the power usage?

ups… 15-18 sol/s:slight_smile: running 8 threads

im using arctic a32 rev2 cooler (30€) for my 9370 and it keeps it temps below 60°C without a problem

Ebay says it’s a $75 card. What software are you using? That’s less than half the cost of a used CPU and uses only 50% more electricity. But that’s not counting the additional CPU and power supply requirements.

eBay is overpriced. You can find these cards second hand for about $25 these days. I bought mine on Craigslist about a year ago for ETH mining for $60 for 2. Nobody buys the 7850/7870 anymore because they want the 270x/370 which is identically the exact same card pretty much.

Genoil miner. Its probably uses more power than a modern i7 CPU. But you can have 7 of them inside 1 motherboard.


of course you are right. but the thread is really like comparing diffenent CPUs since each rig
have a cpu and they have almost the same sol power of a gpu. but i doubt that anyone buys extra
cpus instead of gpus for mining zcash :wink:
they would need much more, ram,psu,mobo,case, etc

27 to 29 sol/s on i7 4790K @ 4.40 GHz - 8 threads (laptop)

20 sol/s on i7 2500k @ 4.2GHz - 6 threads

Xeon x5690 6 core = 11 sols
Xeon e3 3220 4 core = 11 sols

FX 8350 - 16 sols - DC
i7 6800k - 28 sols - DC
i7 6800k - 38 sols - QC

all stock speeds.