Best GPU for zcash

AMD or nVIDIA : Fight !

I'm using both atm. I'm getting a nice stability with CUDA, but just a bit faster with AMD ...

I7 + R9 280x = 27 sols/s
Xeon + Quadro 4000 = 26 sols/s

What's your experience ?

i7 5820k 42 sols/s
gtx 1070 22 sols/s

nheqminer v2a - windows 7

guess just you an me... fred.

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It'd be helpful to add the miner and OS you are running too to make comparisons more meaningful as variance between mining software is likely as great or greater than variance between cards.


Windows 10 64-bit

not related, just got my kraken account emptied, one of thise miners or wallet is a trojan

can you let us know what miner and what wallet you installed?

Those I tried :


Linux gui wallet
Zcash Windows wallet

This is the stolen funds :


I read the zcash windows wallet might be a trojan. I have no problems with nheqminer, genoil, for windows.

the windows wallet is a Trojan , more people being stolen :

this forum admins need to know!!! @Shawn

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@jelko What cpu usage % and temps are you looking at for the 5820k? Can't test now since I'm away from home

I have 5820k @4.5ghz, gtx 980ti hybrid and 750ti. windows 10, using 0.3a.

5820k 47.7 sols/s (11 threads)
gtx 980ti 24 sols/s
750ti 9.3 sols/s (on 0.2a. does not work on 0.3a)

cpu is liquid cooled, staying at 62-63 C with load of ~96%

I am using 11/12 threads and hanging around 92% and it's on my work computer that is just idling
also have the gtx 1070 going.. not sure the temps on the cpu but the gpu was leveled at 68C fan at like 600rpm

I'm not too worried though as I use to have a r9 390 going in the 1070s place while mining ethereum. would hover around 73C and people would notice the office feeling "warmer"

is that profitable? I wan't to buy a desktop. what should be a good one?

what command checks mining activity ?

Zcash Windows wallet ? lmao, where did you find that ? Did people downloaded this ?
I can't believe it.

66.5 sol/s with 2x 470 2x 480
16 sol/s with fx-8350 6 threads. guess i could run 7 but i like to have a little headroom.

3 x GTX1070 = 99~100 sol/s
i5 6400t = 19~20 sol/s

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yeah fml, too much going on, wasn't paying attention, downloaded it just once ... open it, deleted it, but it was my laptop fml

I'm hearing people mining in linux with rx 470s are doing very well.. My computer is not very economical because it is not really meant for mining. My cpu does really well but it's an x99 haswell-e so you need more expensive components for it.

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Currently the best public perf/W & perf/$ is RX470 4GB in Win7 using zcashgpuclient_silentarmy with a modded BIOS that brings it up to ~40Sol/s. The best miner/kernel/BIOS/GPU model/RAM size will probably change over time but for current-gen HW IMO AMD will remain ahead of NVIDIA. RX 4xx prices already started rising late Thu :-\