Circulated Supply and Price Question

Hello everyone,
I’ve been interested in ZEC for a couple months now. Had two questions.

  1. Looking at the circulating supply chart, we will get 6 million more new coins over the next 4 years. That’s a 60% addition to the current supply. Wouldn’t that make it a hell of a lot harder for ZEC to increase in price compared to other coins, for the next 4 years, or do you think the halving will offset that issue? My assumption is that in 2024, once ZEC starts leveling off in circulating supply, it will probably rapidly go up in price.
  2. ZEC all time low price is $24. There is no coin out there, other than ZEC, that hasn’t been worth pennies at some point in its life. Isn’t there something to be said about that? Big money never has had an opportunity to buy a ton of ZEC for cheap. I know we can’t see wallet statistics, but isn’t it fair to assume there are much less ZEC whales compared to BTC, LTC, and ETH? Wouldn’t that also mean that it is much easier to be a top 1 percent holder for ZEC compared to the 3 I just mentioned? Also, wouldn’t that mean the price will likely be suppressed at accumulation for longer, to give big money some time to enter the market?

1.) Yes
2.) A lot of speculation and guessing here. About BTC, LTC, ETH. Of course it’s much harder there to get a 1% stake as their market cap is x times higher. Or as a formula. The lower you go in the rankings by market cap the easier it is to get a 1% share. Just logical.
Extreme example.
BTC market cap: 91,350,386,270 , 1% = 913,503,862 = cost for 1% about 1 billion US
Random #1500 Rank Coin market cap $50,000, 1% = $500 = cost for 1% peanuts…

Means, not rocket science that it’s easier to get a 1% stake at Zcash which is #22 by market cap than BTC (#1), ETH (2) and LTC (5)…

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