Zcash Name Service?


I recently saw ENS (Etherium Name Service) and TNS (Terra Name Service).
They can provide a service, providing wallet “name” as address for coin.

I think it must be wonderful to have similar one for Zcash.
Let’s imagine that Zooko.zec or tm3k.zec are wallet address itself, also demonstrating identity!
ECC’s official wallet can consider this function.

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not sure if this is a good or bad idea. Zooko had long thoughts on this on Twitter.

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It seems to become a kind of trend in crypto scene. However, I want to follow Zooko’s thought more. Thx for your comment on it!

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A safe name identification service is necessary to avoid airdrop scams, this was recently discussed on a twitter thread:

Having name service integrated at the block chain level would alleviate a lot of end user problems. Recently, a project on Cardano took an approach to issuing NFTs with a unique name(controlled by the issuers), and whichever wallet holds the said NFT, adopts the receiving address. The user simply needs to move the NFT from wallet A to wallet B to start receiving funds sent to a particular named handle in to wallet B.

This approach does not solve Zooko’s Triangle trilemma, but it’s a start.

It would be interesting to see @LeCryptoMath and QEDIT team’s ideas to tackle this problem.