Has a decision been made around zcash unit names?

I’ve seen the poll and a couple threads but haven’t been able to track down names for the different units of zcash. For example, what do you call 1/1,000,000 of a zcash ‘note’?


Any info?


not sure it’s written in stone yet! personally, like the term ‘millizecs’. we should run with it!

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Yeah, I like millizecs. It’s absurdly fun to say.


Maybe we should call the smallest unit a zook.


I’m still fond of zatoshi


Never mind, zooks is objectively better than millizecs.

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bits | zooks
satoshis | zatoshis


Something like this?

Unit Decimal Alt Name
- 1 zcash(?)
milli .001 millizec
micro .000001 zook
.00000001 zatoshi

maybe throw a snark in there somewhere too?

Thinking about this lead me down a bit of a rabbit hole. First looked into if there was a zcash wiki where this could be posted. Didn’t see anything. Then started looking into decentralized wiki options using IPFS or something. Then found Lunyr and been digging into that project. Interesting stuff.

How about:

1 zcash = 100 zent


haha! love it! millizecs, and zents should be the units’ names, imo

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Whilst the privacy of z_addresses provides an actual increase of fungibility, in comparison to Bitcoin …

One wonders if any distinction should be made in regards to the Zcash unit name being held or sent?

As the recipient of a Zcash transaction (to either a t_address or z_address) is this perhaps a good way to indicate the privacy level or origin of said funds?

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zk-SNARF’s - Snarf! Snarf! - YouTube :joy_cat: :laughing: