Open Call for Editors/Contributors 📝

Hey all, I have been running the main Zcash community site ( since 2016 and @rex4539 has been helping to keep the “Pay with Zcash” vendors page up-to-date. Most pages are static information which I have built up over the years and I make efforts to keep them up to date as best I can.

With my day job my time available to dedicate to writing actual “long-form” content like blog posts is very limited. Some users may remember my post “Zcash Separating Fact from Fiction” where I tried to clear up misconceptions about Zcash. With my limited time I have to focus on modding here, the chat, and r/zec Reddit along with posting news to the Twitter account.

I was thinking it would be cool to give the many thoughtful members of Zcash Community (You!) a chance to post there too. I have seen many great posts here on the forums. You could use the “front page” of the site to get more exposure to your ideas/opinions/deep philosophical thoughts on Zcash.

So I wanted to post the question to you all. What kind of content would you like to see? Would you be interested in using the site as a “Medium” to convey your ideas to the rest of the community? I would like to make it a platform for the Community to talk about what you are interested in, what you are passionate about, what attracted you to Zcash, etc…

Simple rules for Contributor posting:

  1. Should be about Zcash or Zcash related events/commentary/news but could also be about privacy and privacy preserving tech or even regulation.
  2. Content will be reviewed before posting/approved (by me)
  3. Cannot be an advertisement for a business/service or contain affiliate links.
  4. Should be well written and thoughtful, we are not trying to clickbait for AD revenue.

Also, if you are familiar with WordPress and would like to become a site Editor to help contribute to general site upkeep/posting please DM me.

Any thoughts/ideas are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Some website stats: The site gets about 10k page views per month (much less than the forums) and that’s largely due to it being 90% static content which Google doesn’t favor. Also important; the site is and will remain AD-free (aside from linking to business and services that use Zcash, for which there are zero fees for listing, simply start supporting Zcash and your business/website will be listed)


Hi Shawn,

Looks pretty nice. I appreciate the lack of advertisements.

Content I would like to see is exactly what you have: list of vendors, exchanges, current USD price, a little commentary.

If you wanted to blog about surveillance capitalism or bitcoin as a surveillance-enabling technology, you might be able to drive some traffic to your site. Maybe you would enjoy writing a short “privacy in the media” weekly (or monthly). I thought this recent video by Philosophy Tube was surprisingly effective:

I’m not sure it is a good idea for you to post links to wallets, aside from the zcashd. Those domains might get snagged by malicious actors, and a newbie might then download a malicious pseudo-wallet from one of the links. A pointer to may be better instead (although, I’m not sure if that domain is really secure). Hopefully the folks at are vetting those links (although I see the link to zecwallet is broken!).

You have a link to a world map:
I would omit this, or contact the developer and get it fixed. It looks like only 5 people run full nodes or something. That can’t be true! The map doesn’t show my full node here in Oregon, for example.

Suggested additions: – I used it recently and it seems to be a non-scam anonymous exchange
openbazaar – I might have missed it if you mentioned it, but there are zcash-enabled vendors who sell inside openbazaar. seems to have an uncensored search engine for openbazaar, but I cannot seem to find any uncensored competition, so they might just be a front for gov’t or commercial surveillance.

All the best,


The first article from the community is now live! :grin:


This is awesome! For the “Privacy in the media” section, it looks like that’s similar to the “this week in privacy” section of the weekly developer update. LMK how I can help.

You already help plenty with your weekly updates @elenita :slightly_smiling_face:. I copy/paste your updates (and credit you) each week:


One thing that could be fun is Sci-Fi-Friday where people share dystopian OR utopian versions of the future as it relates to privacy and tech.

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bonus points if you reference zcash updates and their features hehe

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