Zcash not validating transaction

I have had Zcash Sprout on for like 20 hours now and it has not even validated a single transaction. Can anyone help out please?

You’ll need to be a bit more specific.
Are you running vanilla or a port (macOS)?
If vanilla, have you looked through your debug.log - run
$ cat ~/.zcash/debug.log

Sorry Ano, I should have made it clearer. I’m running on Linux Debian 8 Jessie. It’s all sorted now, my problem was in the config file and more specifically the following line genproclimit=$(nproc). I’ve copied and pasted it as it is. Then I’ve put the numbers of processors instead and it’s now working like a magic. Just one more thing, is CPU still a viable option or everyone has now gone GPU mining?

Also can anyone tell if the following output looks normal? Is the Block height to hight?


Block height | 7434
Network solution rate | 9158339 Sol/s
Connections | 8