Zcash | Now available in Canada 🍁


We’re announcing support for Zcash on Coinsave for Canadian dollar pairing. Existing and new users will now be able to directly buy Zcash for CAD on the Coinsave platform.

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Does your platform support withdraw of Zcash to a personal wallet?

Hey Shawn,

We don’t currently for funding or withdraw but we expect to have it up in the next few months (early 2019).

For the time being you can buy Zcash for CAD and sell it back for CAD.


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How can a costumer know he actually owns ZEC?
Does he have an address that he can look up on an explorer?

Will you be supporting shielded tx in the future?

big up in anycase +++


Also wondering this. What’s the point of letting people “Buy” Zcash if you don’t actually have to give it to them? Complete bogus