Zcash on Clubhouse

Being on Clubhouse has been a great experience to connect with people interested in learning about Zcash and also for Zcashers to connect with each other.

@Thor has a good following on CH and he brings in a lot of users who end up learning about Zcash when we host a room every other week along with a couple other prominent Zcashers.

Join here Zcash - Clubhouse

Feel free to DM me your phone number if you need an invite (yes CH is an invite only app).


I agree let’s keep making a habit of it.

I have been on this forum for a few years now but I made a new account with my nickname.

My old account was an anon account on here.

I have been inviting Balaji to our clubhouse rooms he said one of these days he will join us. That would bring a lot of people into our room. So if we get a set schedule that would be cool to so I could try to tell him.

We should also try to get naval or kamal to come by. Any other big accounts on clubhouse to get in our zcash room would help a lot, even if for a few minutes as that would drive a lot of traffic to the room and to Zcash.


Great suggestion! I’ve set up a scheduled room this Wednesday December 8th, feel free to invite interested parties and speakers!