ZecPaperWallet Generator

About a month ago, ZecWallet received a grant from the Zcash Foundation to build a Zcash Paper Wallet, and I’m happy to report the project is now complete.

You can use ZecPaperWallet in many ways:

Run offline

Download zecpaperwallet and run it offline on your favorite platform, including MacOS, Windows, Linux, TailsOS, RaspberryPi (ARMv7, ARMv8) and many more


  • Save to PDF, text files offline
  • Generate multiple z-addresses and t-addresses
  • Generate from a single HD key
  • Provide custom entropy for key generator

UI frontend

zecpaperwallet also comes with a UI frontend if you don’t want to use the command line version

On the web

You can quickly generate paper wallets on the new paper.zecwallet.co site.

Vanity Address Generator

If you want Sapling addresses with your favorite prefix, zecpaperwallet can generate vanity sapling addresses, able to search over 3000 addresses per second per thread.


As always, all the code is freely licensed and published on github. Once again, I’m very thankful to the Zcash Foundation for supporting this wallet!


I’m having trouble verifying the binary within
“linux-zecpaperwallet-v0.5.zip” The sha256sum
of “zecpaperwallet” not match the one shown in
“sha256sum.txt”. The “zecpaperwalletui” binary
sha256sum does produce the expected value.
No problems verifying these files in version 0.4.