ZCASH price all time high, whats the reason?

ZEC price is racing ahead much faster than other cryptos all of a sudden. Please share your ideas on such rapid gains.

Bithumb confirmed to list zec.

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Where do you see Zcash at an All Time High? At its launch it was over $10k and as recently as June of this year it was $450. It has went up in price recently but still no where near an all-time-high as your title suggests.

It’s market cap was at an all time high. You can’t compare just coin price alone for a period where there were less coins in circulation to now. You need to look at the total market cap.

His title specifically stated “ZCASH price all time high” which is what I was referring too. I am not disagreeing with your statement, but people need to learn to use somewhat appropriate terminology otherwise the post titles are misleading and little more than click bait.

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