Zcash is at a low in value, will it go back up or is it dead

The value of zcash has fallen over 20% in the last week. Do you think it will rise higher than ever and it’s time to invest in some or is the currency dying?

Why would it be dead? Have you looked at the whole cryptocurrency market today? :roll_eyes:


BTC is going down in a fast pace, right now i am mining my ass off on ZEC, because when BTC is rising, and i am sure it will go even higher then before ( after the dip ) ZEC will be worth lots more …

just my 2 cents …

check out https://coinmarketcap.com/ almost EVERY coin is down at the moment …good times to hoddle

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Ok I’ll invest then. Thank you!!

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i deleted that because i’m a longterm investor, and don’t want people thinking i’m a top day trader! but that’s how i honestly feel! welcome aboard! it’s a lot more fun around here when the market isn’t tanking!


Markets are down mainly over news out of China (the ICO ban).

Markets are overreacting, as usual. This is damaging short term, but governments are going to continue to crackdown on crypto for a variety of reasons.

Don’t panic.

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Zcash for a long time trader is not problem, the problem come how much you got then?, for how long time 2 month, 1 year or may be until delisted. After the last z Cash $400++ until now already two month. But the result the price its going down and down.

And now i think i am panic!!!

I really like Zcash for one…no it is not dead. Zooko is doing some cool stuff. He is a crypt0 hero of our time… It will be great to see how this project comes along over the next while. This is normal market dip and a good time to buy cheap coins if you ask me! …


It’s pretty much where it was a month ago…the markets are vastly overreacting to the news out of China. I bought 5 figures today.


People are panicking; nothing more is happening.
It is not a true reflection of the market value.

China banned Bitcoin…how many times?
And how long did those bans last?

Now they banned token fundraisers.
How long do you think that will last?

What is important is the underlying reason for the ban, and that is due to an increasing number of fundraiser scams originating in China. Any responsible government would intervene. The market desperately needs more regulation. Once this process is over, more corporate investors will enter the space. The entire market will flourish.

I am bullish.
If you can, buy now.


I can’t see post like this anymore, just sell everything and leave the mining space for someone else.


lmao this guy @AL888 - ur spendin too much time/effort tryna scare ppl, uve got some other motives for spreading the FUD. I wonder what they are…

Come on guys, be nice. He just asked a question as this is a scary space for most people. If you are so hostile, we will never grow the user base.


I’m sorry I am new to this and I was scared that the market was dying like I have seen happen with other coins and I didn’t know about China’s ban. I didn’t mean any harm and Im sorry I panicked. Thank you for helping me through the crypto currency world and I hope you all forgive me.

Thank you.

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No reason to apologize.

It is absolutely normal to be confused. It is a new world entirely and needs some time getting used to.

Welcome to digital assets and have fun!

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you don’t sound like a seasoned investor, maybe you are. I suggest you view the project much in the same way you’d look at a startup company. It can be pretty rocky and volatile in the early days but once it catches momentum it takes off. all the milestones are yet to be complete. I’d hold your position and disregard day to day blips in price.

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Agree completely.

After all, the entire blockchain world is still a baby learning to walk.

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First thing to note is that Mean Price is a magical number. You need to look at average price interval.
Zcash’s average price interval for the last month is $231 - $251 according to www.altanga.com
So not much off from the average price range at the current $209