Zcash price pump may 2017

Hello. Which news and events for growing price now? Thanks

JP Morgan validating zk-SNARKs, alpha bay adding ZEC in july, and shadow brokers’ dump service … XCAT might be starting to gain attention too (believe people are starting to get their heads around the implications of XCAT)


There hasn’t been big news on the alphabay part tho. Maybe they’ll make it a big announcement closer to July :slight_smile:

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agree! was kind-of a stealth announcement from alpha bay!!

To me price seems to be hovering steady since the JP morgan pump Zcash Price in USD: ZEC Live Price Chart & News | CoinGecko

Thanks. And now? Which news and events for growing price now? Thanks

No news, no event, but price up to 34%… Just another shark is coming?

several things… shadow brokers’s dump service, alphabay, will be adding real economic activity to ZEC’s block chain, and jp morgan news. also, the market values “encrypted bitcoin”
alphabay adding zcash is prolly one of the main drivers, tho…

this is also very overlooked Barry Silbert likely launching a Zcash investment trust Q4 (barry’s probable zcash investment trust Q4)

I see difficulty up like rocket only…

been a great month, imo! side note: difficulty skyrocketing is a good thing!

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Why do you say its a good thing?

shows the amount of interest miners have in in ZEC, and great for distribution!

should clarify: from a miner’s point of view a rise could be considered bad (more competition), but from a trader’s point of view it’s awesome (less concentration).

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lul, was gonna say. not good for miners. NOT IF I ORDER 20 MORE PC’S jk.

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Prepare all your s butts because this summer will be a very massive increase of Zcash…
Buy now before you put anotther 0 on the price.

Zcash will go to alphabay soon on the first of July, but there’s hardly any news about it at all. I thought it would at least lead to an increase of the price.

Give it time. Targets will be reached.
Know others won’t like this being mentioned, but TSBs monthly subscription costs is going to be a factor in price growth as they’ve proved themselves and have credibility.
In one instance AV industry / nation states / INSERT HAT(s) are going to be buying in.
As a by product some of the buyers are going to take note of the payment method and update their own for receiving the ransom from their updated ransomware made possible with their newly acquired 0 days.

We’ll go through more petyanotpetya, forevercrying episodes and zcash will get its due air time.
Know it all’s as usual are going to come out of the works and focus on the payment method and blab on “this bad”, “stop this we must”, “we need front door. this fine. it not back door. its for own good” instead of not fessing up to their own failures for heeding prior warnings from the *hats who outlined the potential of stock piles being pilfered.


imo, we’re going to see very exotic, and bizarre things in our near future; ransomware ICOs, etc… people are creative.


Everyone screenshot this. RaaS is old news.

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imo, this news is being suppressed, but take a look at XMR volume (our top AB competitor)…XMR is slowly dying : D !!!