This is why people will start moving to ZEC

when you move money on a public ledger; they’ll write news articles about you

if only, there was a more fungible alt network they could utilize !!!

I will be honest clear and straight to the point.
Zcash with alphabay in 1 month and shadow brokers now and also discussion with openbazar zcash is on the spot now etcccc
expect 1zcash for 3 least july....
Small supply high demand=price explosion like it was on the begin
Don t forget people who bought at ration 5 to 1 btc they are still waiting but no long i think now


Shadow Brokers reveal details about June monthly dump service: 100 Zcash (about $23k) more attention!

JP Morgan, Alpha Bay, Shadow Brokers' Dump Service! That's Intersting Diversity Of Usecases!

also, interesting shadow brokers are using the encypted memo field.

The Dump Service.... hmmmmm.... this actually could scare people away from Zcash I think.

not if they're interested in "black" data - this is information traders buy. imagine governments themselves may participate if the leaks are fruitfull ..also, all attention, and economic activity is a good thing! this will become more obvious over time.

absolutely fascinated by the debate raging between my infosec friends on whether to pay for these dumps.. community seems split 50/50... think it's a almost a duty to buy these tools! i'd pay! back-charge the NSA since it's their tools for sale.

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