ZCash price stablising. What will make it move upwards?

ZCash has stabilised to around $45 US dollars per ZEC in the last few weeks. It is only 10 weeks or so since it launched so what things do you think will make it increase in value and what price do you think it will be at in January 2018.

To kick things off, I think an easy to use Windows ZCash client and (separately) adoption by the Darkweb will make it rocket and I predict $120 in a year’s time.

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I just picked up an additional collaborator on my Windows port of Zcash today, hopefully that’ll get us there quickly!


Great summary!

I have the same vision since BTC has an open blockchain and all transactions are visible.
As soon as the coinvalue incresses and more and more people get into the currency price should rise :relieved:That’s my guess!


I think the value of ZCash will depend on the usability of z-adresses. Until now there´s hardly any possibility to use shielded transactions, because every miningpool, every exchange, etc… they only do transactions between t-adresses. This is probably due to the required high processing power and longer duration of transactions between z-adresses. But the shielded transaction is the only function, which makes Zcash different from other coins. So, if the developers don´t find a way to make transactions between z-adresses more applicable, then the value of Zcash will not rise in the next time…


So, Darkweb, let’s see some action!