Zcash-qt-wallet now supports Windows!


zcash-qt-wallet now works on Windows! Grab the latest release here: https://github.com/adityapk00/zcash-qt-wallet/releases/

It has full support for shielded Z-addresses and sapling support is coming soon!

It can work with either Windows Zcash command line daemon (WinZEC) or zcashd running inside WSL.

It’s my first time building a Windows UI, so I’d really love some beta testing feedback :slight_smile:


They could also grab just the command line binaries of mine as described in this thread:

and setup their zcash.conf by hand, too


Oh, this is great. Let me add this to the README. Is there a permanent link where the command line binaries live?


its in that post :slight_smile:


oops bad link! will fix it


Fixed it above! and always feel free to bundle my command line Windows builds with your wallets, other 3rd party wallet devs! @adityapk00


Thanks! Updated the zcash-qt-wallet README with the download link.


De nada! More wallets is always better


The above solution is great but not the simplest as it involves a number of steps. I didn’t check yet but presumably you still have to manually download the params too as well as generating zcash.conf and starting zcashd manually.

What’s the likelihood of bundling all of this i.e. generate and provide the Windows zcashd binaries (support for this has just been rolled into the docs here https://zcash.readthedocs.io/en/latest/rtd_pages/user_guide.html) together with a startup script to download the parameters and generate a default zcash.conf and opening zcashd in the background?


I agree. It’s all too hard to setup and use, on Linux and Windows. We definitely need simpler ways. I’ll investigate the bundling next week.


WinZEC does all the above and is as probably about as simple as it would get to get up and running. That being said to echo the sentiment of @radix42 above more options for wallets supporting shielded transactions (particularly cross-platform ones) would be very welcome.