:zcash: SELL or KEEP

:zcash: That the question what do you think??

Time has come to keep in my opinion,if you believe in zcash and can afford to keep then bigger payday down the road.

I do not know the answer to this question, but better for me would be as you would keep and not sell :wink:

Same same. Let’s get that price back up, haha.

Too late for me, I’ll just keep it and hoping someday …

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Wait till they are a couple dollars and buy a heap… no point mining them anymore

it will only go down.

Yep, pretty much. If you still have it right now, just hope it goes up later. Not much to make if you get rid of it now.

I sell everything, stop mining and now i wait till it hit the expected ground.
Then i will buy a lot of ZEC.

But mining isn’t profitable for me - high energy price.

Don’t be naive, sell. The price won’t find equilibrium until the slow-start is over. As long as reward keeps growing miners will produce more coins and push the price down on a daily basis. There will be bottom but no sooner than block 20000. This is programmed.


When is that looking like it will be?

I got Zcash to sell. If anyone is interested

I don’t sell any ZEC below 0.1

Keeep!! :smiley: till 2BTC/ZEC


Start to hold after 13 million zcash mined

where I can find how many zcash are mined?

241.000 out of 20.000.000 so far.

google zcash cap will find out


Here’s one that shows market cap.