ZCash Shielded RPC Operations Integration to Bitwyre - Spot and Derivatives Exchange

Hi all,

We’re building a spot and derivatives exchange that I outlined here https://www.singlestore.com/blog/reverse-engineer-chicago-mercantile-exchange/

We just squash merged our latest PR to do the shielded operations for our custodians. Snippet of code below

from decimal import Decimal

from bitcoinrpc.authproxy import AuthServiceProxy

def crypto_get_new_address(wallet_rpc_url: str, user_id: str, address_type: str) -> str:
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    # shielded getnewaddress = z_getnewaddress
    new_crypto_address = wallet_rpc_proxy.z_getnewaddress(user_id, address_type)
    del wallet_rpc_proxy
    return new_crypto_address

def crypto_get_received_by_address(wallet_rpc_url: str, crypto_address: str, deposit_min_confirmation: int) -> int:
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    # shielded getreceivedadress == z_listreceivedbyaddress
    received_by_address = wallet_rpc_proxy.z_listreceivedbyaddress(crypto_address, deposit_min_confirmation)
    del wallet_rpc_proxy
    return received_by_address

def crypto_get_balance(wallet_rpc_url: str, min_confirmation: int) -> Decimal:
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    # shielded getbalance == z_getbalance
    balance = wallet_rpc_proxy.z_getbalance("*", min_confirmation)
    del wallet_rpc_proxy
    return balance

def crypto_get_confirmed_and_unconfirmed_balance(wallet_rpc_url: str, min_confirmation: int) -> (Decimal, Decimal):
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    # shielded getbalance == z_getbalance
    confirmed_balance = wallet_rpc_proxy.z_getbalance("*", min_confirmation)
    unconfirmed_balance = wallet_rpc_proxy.z_getbalance("*", 0)
    del wallet_rpc_proxy
    return (confirmed_balance, unconfirmed_balance)

def crypto_get_received_by_label(wallet_rpc_url: str, user_id: str, deposit_min_confirmation: int) -> Decimal:
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    received_by_label = wallet_rpc_proxy.getreceivedbylabel(user_id, deposit_min_confirmation)
    del wallet_rpc_proxy
    return received_by_label

# def crypto_get_list_transactions(wallet_rpc_url: str, user_id: str, user_tx_limit: int) -> list:
# wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
# list_transactions = wallet_rpc_proxy.listtransactions(user_id, user_tx_limit)
# del wallet_rpc_proxy
# return list_transactions

def crypto_get_transaction_info(wallet_rpc_url: str, tx_id: str) -> dict:
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    # shielded gettransaction == z_viewtransaction
    tx_info = wallet_rpc_proxy.z_viewtransaction(tx_id)
    del wallet_rpc_proxy
    return tx_info

def crypto_send_to_address(
    wallet_rpc_url: str, destination_address: str, amount: Decimal, transfer_min_confirmation: int
) -> str:
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    # sendtoaddress does not exists for shielded transactions zcash
    # shielded sendmany == z_sendmany
    tx_id = wallet_rpc_proxy.z_sendmany(
            "",  # wallet comment. not needed
            "",  # wallet comment-to, not needed
            True,  # substract fee from amount to send
            False,  # Replaceable via BIP125
            transfer_min_confirmation,  # Minimum confirmation for transfer
    del wallet_rpc_proxy
    return tx_id

def crypto_set_fee(wallet_rpc_url: str, fee: int):
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    del wallet_rpc_proxy

def crypto_send_to_many(wallet_rpc_url: str, batch_approved_transaction: dict) -> dict:
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    tx_id = wallet_rpc_proxy.z_sendmany("", batch_approved_transaction)
    return tx_id

def crypto_estimate_smart_fee(wallet_rpc_url: str, balance_confirmation: str, estimate_mode: str) -> dict:
    wallet_rpc_proxy = AuthServiceProxy(wallet_rpc_url)
    fees = wallet_rpc_proxy.estimatefee(balance_confirmation, estimate_mode)
    return fee
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Interesting, does this use Zcash mainnet at all or is it a fork of Zcash code?


It uses ZCash mainnet. No not a ZCash fork, we’re a centralized exchange where you can exchange fiat with ZCash

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