ZCash Subreddit

Any plan to open it?

The biggest subreddit for Zcash is https://www.reddit.com/r/ZEC/

I don’t think there are and plans to re-open r/zcash since Zooko closed it several months ago.

May I ask why?
I feels like a r/zcash subreddit will be easily discoverable by newbie and is a more news oriented feed than this forum.

That would be a question @zooko could answer better than me.

@zooko? 20characters

Ugh. I dunno. At the time I had a general distaste for the culture that predominates on reddit. Nowadays I think I would like to hand control of the /r/Zcash subreddit over to someone else — not the Zcash Company — who will take good care of it and put in the continual tending needed to make a healthy and positive community.

Thank you for your answer. In case you decide to hand control of the Zcash subreddit, I would be glad to take care of it (or be part of the mod team).

Can multikey signing be applied to subreddit ownership?