Reinvigorating the r/ZEC subreddit

Reddit’s still a huge platform for cybercoin communities, and r/ZEC has over 16k subscribers.

But few seem to actively post on it. When I do, I usually get a good response, but not having an active userbase means that misinfo often spreads and trolls seep in. And big news that we share all over Twitter may never get a mention on r/ZEC.

Believe it or not, not everyone’s on cryptotwitter, or these fora for that matter! 16k potential eyeballs is a lot to lose out on.

I’d like to encourage everyone here to get a little more active on r/ZEC and share the news there that excites you on Twitter or these fora. Signup takes 9 seconds and doesn’t require an email address (just click ‘Next’ when prompted for an address – it’s a dark pattern.)

Apart from my encouragement, is there something else we can do to develop a more active presence on Reddit?


I am not a redditor, I don’t use it at all, but I am happy to join in the zec subreddit - maybe we can somehow bridge the forum/reddit gap.

Feel free to PM me with ideas if you think I can help.

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@ChileBob mentioned that there is an API that we could potentially cross post from Reddit to the forums and vis versa. But the owner of that Reddit (netshrek) has a lot fewer rules than this forums code of conduct so I’m sure they would mesh well together.

Personally I think Reddit should be Reddit and the forums should be the forums, both fostering different types of communication. Reddit being more of a wild-west whereas the forums are more long-form thoughtful/technical discussion.

However if the community feels that it’s worth doing I can look into how to make it happen.

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I agree! For starters, I think getting the weekly forum updates on the thread is a good way to go. When I remember to, I put it on reddit.


I agree with you that they ought to stay separate, though setting up a bot to automatically post the ECC’s and ZFND’s RSS feeds could be helpful.


A good point was made on Twitter that r/Zcash currently links only to these forums, not directing anyone to r/ZEC instead.

But redditors are on Reddit because they want to participate there, not yet another forum that requires signup.

@zooko, would you consider updating the text on r/Zcash to something like:

The Zcash community has moved. Join us on the Zcash Community Forum or here on r/ZEC!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking of this as a one-way thing - forum posts going to Reddit but not in reverse.

We’re all well behaved, nice to each other and polite, but reddit is errmm…struggling to find an appropriate adjective… not?

Great idea. Also there is a ZEC community on HIVE and I just joined it. Didn’t realize someone had already claimed it!..was going to create one. If yall post over there will show my support! I have a decent chunk of Hive Power and have started to curate the Twitch community. Plan is to also curate Zcash posts with it now as well.

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Leave a private key on reddit to a memo holding further instructions and a little Zcash.

Lot of “propaganda” games can be played… especially building off of @ChileBob’s Gateway XYZ…

All while educating redditors on, say, how to use a private key to recover money and memos