Where is the most active ZCash community?

Hello everyone,
I want to research, learn about the technology, ask questions, and see what other people are saying. The ZCash Reddit doesn’t seem that active compared to some other coins I follow here.

Is there a more active community somewhere? Is it just less active here because ZCash is still such a new coin?


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The community is innactive because its year three of our high inflation phase so all the greed has left the community. Thats why I like it here. When ZEC starts pumping for its halving and the new people start coming in I might not like it this much and I might leave.


I wouldn’t call it that inactive, this forum still gets about 500 users a week.

Its just that not all of them have something to post about, the last big push was to get the Dev Funding proposals hashed out. Now that thats been somewhat resolved I think people are taking a break :wink:


I’d say here and Twitter are roughly tied for the most active Zcash communities. On Twitter it depends on how strict you are about counting someone as part of “Zcash Twitter” though… like do the researchers who come to Zcon count?

There’s always the #Lounge - regulars only, so you’ll be safe from over-excited noobs.

I used to be able to see it but now I dont see it for some reason.