ZCash suitability for micro donations vs other coins?

In my spare time I like to write speculative fiction and as it is just a hobby for me and I realize I wouldn’t sell much if i didn’t make my e-books free anyway, a while back I decided to make my short stories free of charge. As until my current project I only wrote short stories with manageable editing cost, this has worked out just fine. My current project however is going to be my first full novel-size e-book, so if I want it to be free of charge the same way as my short stories, I may need to gather some additional funds to cover my editing and other misc costs. As such I am exploring the use of crypto currency to allow readers who enjoyed my free short stories to make micro donations to help me fund my editing for my first novel.

As a security nut and libertarian, I’m really drawn to the concepts behind Z-Cash, but as someone looking for micro-donations I find it difficult to gauche the suitability of different crypto currencies for soliciting micro donations.

I already noticed popularity of the coin and suitability for soliciting micro donations may not exactly be as important as I first thought. Having had bot a BitCoin and DogeCoin donate link on my author page resulted in a hand full of doge donation against zero BitCoin donations. Might be that the Doge crowd is just the more friendly bunch, or it might be Doge actually is better fit for micro donations than BitCoin in the first place, so even if Bitcoin is orders of magnitude more popular than Doge, there would be little to no chance of anyone ever using it to make micro donations. If so, how would Z-Cash fall into this spectrum?

Does anyone have any insights into this subject? How suitable is Z-Cash in this light, and how does it compare to other important crypto currencies ? I’m really interested in your insights.

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It’s an interesting question! I suspect the results you got were more about the Bitcoin and Dogecoin communities, or more about the people who happened to read your books, than about the underlying technology. Technologically, Zcash is fine for small donations. Culturally, I don’t know! But I hope so. I think donation and altruism are very good parts of a community and culture.

So… put a “donate with Zcash” button on your page and let us know? :relaxed:

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