Zcash to USD exchange?


dawn it, QuadrigaCX doesn't do USA


That sucks! 20 char....


Thank you for this share :slight_smile: I was waiting to get virified on kraken I exchanged 0.0579ZEC to 18.7 euro today. Will find out in a couple of days if that Sepa bank transfer actually arrives on my bank account


For me..my 35 euros hasn't transfered to my bank yet. It showd Sepa usually takes 2 business days. Its been 3+. I withdraw last wednesday at noon. Has anyone had success transfering euros to their bank via Cryptonator?


I just wish that Cryptonator isnt a scam.


Cryptonator isn't a scam. I have zero complaints about Cryptonator itself. I do have an issue with whom they've chosen in the US/Canada for withdrawing fiat funds (Payeer). I've been using Cyptonator to move crypto currencies and exchange crypto for 3 months now without any problems.


I use Suprnova > Cryptonator (exchange to use) > Cryptonator (transfer to payeer) > Payeer(virtual MC) to dummy paypal > Paypal dummy to actual paypal. Spend it from there....

Cryptonator does make money it may not say fees but ZEC at crypronators exchange is 14.56363191 less than what they list on their exchange rates page. fees page shows sending zec is 0.00010000 tax. Payeer says they dont charge to receive but do charge 2% exchange between currencies, and .95% for sending currencies, withdraw money 0% to 5%.
i had loaded a virtual mastercard with usd in payeer (listed a .99usd transaction fee), it listed a balance in GBP when transferring from dummy paypal main paypal.

I originally had a quote of 116cad exchange from zec to usd and usd to cad. at the endpoint of my process i had 94ish dollars cad.

let me know if you have any issues or thoughts?


My first cash out of 35€ also arrived hours ago (total 6 days, ~4 bussiness days) so i felt confident to transfer and cash out more. I went ahead and sent 0.4258 to Cryptonator and exchanged it to 147.15€. At the withdrawal time coinmarketcap.com reported that Zec was running at 405$. So a rough equation would be 0.4258*405$ =172$. And 172*0,89= 153€ (6 euros difference). So with my bad math its not far off.

Could you clarify what do you mean by "Cryptonator does make money it may not say fees but ZEC at crypronators exchange is 14.56363191 less than what they list on their exchange rates page." ?
14,5 what?


Interesting read and I will add my problems converting zcash to fiat,I having been mining from day one and have held all my zcash up to this point,bills need paid so decided to cash out some zcash,first went with zcash to polo and traded for bitcoin,transferred bitcoin to CEX.IO and sold bitcoin and transferred to my bank account,process takes 2 days and because of daily limits I have been going through this process last 10 days with no problem and have been a verified customer of CEX.IO for nearly 2 years,yesterday I received an email from CEX.IO compliance team stating they are closing my account and I have 3 days to transfer my funds from my account as my account will be closed after this time,they state because of there compliance rules they are unable to give me a reason for this action,it would seem that there is no problem spending money on crypto and trading in crypto but when the time comes to trade for fiat currency and money leaves the exchange your account will be closed with no reason,this is very worrying and devalues crypto if we cannot redeem our profits and exchanges are only happy for us to spend our money with them and trade crypto currency,I would be very interested to here from anyone else who has experienced similar treatment or indeed comments from CEX.IO regarding this issue as I have only received this email with no further correspondence,I have reached out to them for clarification but as yet have no further information.


Mine also arrived hours ago (total 3 days)
17.7€ (1€ fee)


Out of curiosity, how long did it take for you to get Tier 2 verification from Kraken?


They're severely backlogged with new requests. Mine personally took around 3 weeks. Give or take a couple of days.


15 days for me I'm tier 2 since this morning :slight_smile:


Oh sorry you said Tier 2. It took 3 weeks for my Tier 3 verification. My Tier 2 took 2 days. But I got in just as the backlog was starting.


5,34759358% of fee exactly I find it a bit too expensive for large amount


Do you received 33.12€ with your cash out of 35€?




T2 since this morning too @jimmy97one61 :blush: 3 weeks in total !


For Zec 2 Euro (Bank and PayPal) use anycoindirect. Dutch based website and so far its ok. Decent supprot, ok fees and good exchange rates.....


If you have an account in www.cryptonator.com is direct and straight forward. You will see exchange and u just exchange from zec to usd