Zcash transaction privacy is theoretical?

Amanda B is someone I respect and have supported in the past (& look forward to meeting at Anarchapulco) but what is this claim that Zcash transaction privacy is theoretical? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dash Cryptocurrency w Amanda B Johnson - YouTube

This article should be more helpful to understand dash/zcash in different options.

This is a subjective article since is posted on dash.org :slight_smile: but from my experience in crypto I can tell that this is the greatest coin that God and man ever created!

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when did Amanda b (shitcoin pumper) become a cryptographer?

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How is Dash a ‘shitcoin’? Also, she mentions how and when Dash overtook Bitcoin in her estimation in that interview. More importantly, what makes you think her motives for advocating Dash are anything other than above-board?

btw I am not of the opinion that one needs to be an expert to have an opinion as, for example, I also am neither a cryptographer nor security researcher but I still have plenty of opinions about those subjects and how various products and services employ them.

dash only has extrinsic value, and doesn’t matter in the real world, basically, the very definition of a shitcoin. also, don’t really care about the dash sales girl’s opinion about zcash! ^.^

re: Dash & extrinsic value - how is that any different to any other crypto currency? Or any national fiat currency for that matter?

Also, for a mere ‘sales girl’, I think she has some valuable insight to this whole crypto currency thing - Bitcoin's Bubble vs. Dash's Killer App: Amanda B. Johnson at UNM - YouTube Bitcoin’s Bubble vs. Dash’s Killer App: Amanda B. Johnson at UNM

there’s 2-3 alt networks (arguably) with intrinsic value (dash isn’t one). unsure i said anything about fiat, but i’ll bite, and say (paper) fiat does have intrinsic value. you’re mostly correct about cryptocurrency, and the dash lady’s nothing more than a sales person to me! honestly, sorry-not-sorry!

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What are those networks and their intrinsic value?

Amanda’s point about Zcash shielded address privacy being theoretical is a reference to a bug early on that was fixed within the first weeks of launch. It was never a bug that affected the encryption of data, but rather some transactions involving shielded addresses weren’t getting relayed to network.

In the video, she answered the Dash comparison to Zcash in a pretty dismissive way probably because she hasn’t done much research on Zcash which makes sense if she’s referencing a bug that was solved 3 months ago.

It also makes sense that she hasn’t done much research on Zcash because the network only launched 3.5 months ago. So I wouldn’t blame her per se…


And in case anyone’s wondering about shielded address privacy… you can always take a gander at our protocol spec which lays everything out or this blog post we published a little while ago.


good advice for those unfamiliar with Zcash.

(arguably) bitcoin, definitely primecoin, (arguably) ethereum, and possibly zcash (down the road).