ZCash v1.0.8 for Mac OS

You can find a builder repo and precompiled standalone binaries of Zcash v1.0.8 for MacOS, in case anyone is interested.


Could you make a bundle with https://github.com/vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui ? Like @anon47418038 zcash4mac ? Many thanks !

oh wow, awesome, I'll merge their code in and push out zcash4mac with 1.0.8....I got stuck at 1.0.4, and then in feb and march have been working a lot on non-zcash (but related) consulting work to pay the bills, as donations were way down....until the other day when I got a pretty big one. So I can afford to take the time to update zcash4mac now.

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Do you have the source as a github repo, or just in a zipfile/tarball?

Looks like tag v1.0.8-2 https://github.com/kozyilmaz/zcash-apple/tree/v1.0.8-2


It is a GitHub repo that builds a lot of tools and libraries actually. I guess my approach is a bit different though, I build all dependencies externally and then configure zcash. I used to do a lot of crosscompiling so this was easier for me

Here are the zcash patches on top v1.0.8, some of them are coming from zclassic or maybe from you :slight_smile:

awesome, some of them would be from me, some of them would be the ones that I haven't have the time to backport from zclassic...thank you, I'll merge that stuff today