ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet on MAC OS X

Thanks to @anon47418038 we have a ZCash 1.0.1 build for MAC OS X. As a result it is now possible to also run the ZCash GUI Wallet on Mac OS X.

Both of these (ZCash Node + GUI Wallet) on MAC OS are currently new/experimental, so users should be cautious if they use larger amounts of ZCash… In addition the build procedure is more complex (for now) than it is on Linux. Still, ZCash users who are Mac fans will surely appreciate the opportunity.


This is awesome! Expanding the Zcash ecosystem for developers is what my ports of Zcash to non-linux platforms are all about.

Over on twitter some i2p devs were talking about using your gui wallet to make an i2p plugin!

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Also my tweet linking to this forum post got over 10k impressions, including a re-tweet by Matthew Green :slight_smile:

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Which is a total “Senpai noticed me!” moment for us both

Awesome wallet GUI! Thank you.

I used homebrew to install ant:
brew install ant

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Yeah! 20 chars …

My node is now crashing once started. I was using it fine for over 40 days straight. I upgraded to 1.0.3 and still the same crash. This is what I see…

Assertion failed: (tree.root() == old_tree_root), function ConnectBlock, file main.cpp, line 2116.
Abort trap: 6

Any ideas?

If you start the node 1st using the terminal then start the wallet, no crash.

After 51 seconds it still crashes…

Assertion failed: (tree.root() == old_tree_root), function ConnectBlock, file main.cpp, line 2116.
Abort trap: 6


Is this going to be updated to 1.0.8?

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yes, I need to get zcashd for mac updated past 1.0.4…upstream 1.0.5 introduced some more things that break on mac, and I need to backport fixes from zclassic.

then I can hopefully roll forward to 1.0.8 without too much trouble

Confirm that it works with my flavour of ZCash on Mac OS (v1.0.8), good job!


awesome, I’ll be applying your patches for zcash 1.0.8 to my fork today and update zcash4mac this week!

I updated ZCash for Mac OS v1.0.8 bundle with Vaklinov’s latest ZCash GUI Wallet (v1.0.8-3)

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Poking around your dependency building recipes right now…I’m starting with a straight up merge of v1.0.8 into my 1.0.4, which I expect to blow up somewhere…then I’ll apply your patches as needed, and then fool around with getting zmq/gtest, etc working.

If I hit too many roadblocks I’ll just punt to building from your source tarball :slight_smile:

But I really need to get zcash4mac updated…that signed dmg, no command line action is my thing :slight_smile:

Great! Let me know if I can help.
Are there any ongoing Mac OS upstreaming efforts?

They aren’t going to take platform specific pull requests without full CI support, which is a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Getting continuous integration running on macOS is a bit of a sticky situation, and is gonna cost $$$. see this chat thread (just a few messages by @nathan-at-least and I, but he reiterates what’s been said before): https://chat.zcashcommunity.com/channel/zcash-dev?msg=ygGSBGcTsXc3H5oFe

I’m not going to put in the time and effort to get a fully cross platform branch ready and submit pull requests if they aren’t going to be accepted. A mac specific one I have sent upstream before got rejected because it wasn’t fully understood WHY it worked at the time (which was since figured out…long story).

Pull requests against my fork’s Mac branch are very much appreciated. My 1.0.8 branch is here:

It needs to get gtest working (which was ripped out last year, as myself and my collaborators at the time just couldn’t get it working on previous releases)…so it needs that added back into configure.ac and Makefile.am and the patch(es) from zclassic for that applied. And needs an openmp compatible libsnark (and the corresponding libsnark.mk file in depends/). And the other ifdef containing stuff from joshuayabut for it get merged into a multios branch.

None of which I’ve had time for!

Heads up @zooko, the above “we won’t support other platforms without (costly) non-linux continuous integration” stance from ZcashCo has kept me from putting in effort to get all of the above cleaned up and sent upstream. Mac CI is hard to do, not many sell cloud/VM solutions for it, and I’m not in a position to get it going on my own. So we’re all stuck!

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@kozyilmaz At this point I’d almost just start from scratch with your v1.0.8 codebase for Mac, aside from the fact that you are building dependencies externally to the bitcoin-inherited depends system (and I don’t wanna lost all github history, hence the plea for pull requests against my fork’s mac branch above :slight_smile: )