Zcash video content


Wanted to create a thread to see what kinds of videos need to be created for public to see & understand what Zcash is. I can see three things:

  1. What’s Zcash & Why it is important
  2. What is being built inside (network layer privacy, scalability, Halo, UDAs) & on-top of Zcash (zecpages, Ledger etc)
  3. How people can join the mission (optional)

Coinbase videos require you to have an account with them. They are good but doesn’t capture everything.

Not sure who is in best position to create @joshs @decentralistdan


I recently reached out to the Zcash Foundation & got permission to use & edit Zcon videos, so the plan is to create shorter topic focused videos that may be comprised of clips from multiple Zcon talks with specific themes.

I will also reach out to ECC to see if I could do the same with Gardening & Arborist calls. Where I can edit them down to short summary/informative topic based videos.

I also have put out out some videos on my Twitter of using Zcash w/ specific projects, current examples being a shielded withdrawal from Gemini to Nighthawk, & posting on zecpages with ZECwallet. So I plan to continue to push similar content like that out as well.