Why is there no ZCash "Explainer" Video?

Wouldn’t this be one of the first orders of business for a new marketing person? When I try to “explain” ZCash to folks, some get it and some do not. While my explanation may not be perfect, it would be cool to direct folks to a 3 or 5 minute video that covers the following points:

1 - What is ZCash
2 - What makes ZCash different from other cryptos
3 - What makes it distinct from other privacy cryptos
4 - Why use ZCash?
5 - How ZK proofs work (general)
6 - What are the plans for the future?
7 - What benefits do they confer to the user (think shielded tx on mobile phones, unconfirmed sends cancelled, etc.)
8 - How to get ZCash

@zooko stated recently that he a “scientist.” I’m expecting that he thinks like one and not from a sales-driven point of view. I’m a “marketer” and quite “sales driven”, and all good organizations who want to do business need marketing/sales peeps and to market their gizmo or whizbang. Having a promotional video is critical to that aim.

My thoughts on an explainer vid is something fun, animated, succinct, short and engaging. It should be put right on the main page of the ZCash site and circulated for the world to see.

In addition to that, if no marketing person within the organization exists now (get one, of course), the ZCash Co/Foundation can host a contest where ZCashers can make such a video, with the prize being X numbers of ZEC.

Oh, and note that you can have the best science in the world, but if you don’t market it, you’ll never get any attention. ZCash has amazing potential. The crypto world needs to know about it. No one is going to beat that drum better than the people behind it.

Id guess Zec co is to busy, the foundation has a YouTube channel with a new video and also the first! Message them and tell them you’re gonna do it, apply for a grant!

I have my own biz to run…they’d be lucky to have me, but I am way too busy!

And that video is 42 minutes! Your average user won’t even start it.

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Did you see this? Zcash Introduction Video [Zcash Foundation Awarded Grant]

A grant was awarded by the Zcash Foundation to produce a couple of videos Video production, animation and marketing · Issue #23 · ZcashFoundation/GrantProposals-2017Q4 · GitHub

Wow, that’s waaaaay too formal. I appreciate all the “best practices” and all that, but ZCash doesn’t need to have bureaucracy get in the way of progress, and that github is far too technical to digest and nothing but another barrier to user contact. And where’s the video?

See my point? I have to dig and dig, and if there’s a vid somewhere, even a motivated ZCash fan has a hard time finding it.

I can see, now, that just at first blush, process and formality is getting in front of need. But in any event, here’s what I would do:

"Hey crypto world…Make a ZCash explainer video and get 10, 25, 100 ZEC…submit your video within 30 days and the ZCash Co and Foundation will announce the winner 5 days later. Or, even better, skip all that formality BS and @zooko can just make the award from his own pocket.

Anyhow, a need exists and nothing really is happening to fill it quickly. Shame.

Yea github takes some getting used to

You are not alone in that thought: 99% of the community you want to reach will never read anything on github · Issue #58 · ZcashFoundation/ZcashFoundation · GitHub

That’s not true. Did you see the forum link, production is underway.

Let’s hope it will take much less time than the six months already consumed with all the formalities of getting it started.

If you want to have input into the video production and don’t like github, use the forum thread: Zcash Introduction Video [Zcash Foundation Awarded Grant]

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