This is an announcement for zcash-walletd, the wallet service that serves as an external wallet and blockchain monitor for the BTCPayserver integration.

Demo Video

From the github project page

zcash-walletd is a shielded only (sapling) REST wallet for zcash.

Primary intended to work with the BTCPayServer payment gateway, it offers a REST interface that can be useful in other scenarios.

For instance, it implements a subset of the monero-wallet API, which allows it to be used interchangeably in some cases.


Account Management

Create diversified addresses on demand and map them to account # and sub account #. BTCPay associates each store to an account and each invoice into a sub account.

Millions of accounts and sub accounts are supported without significant performance loss.

Monitor the Blockchain and detect incoming payments

When a customer pays an invoice, zcash-walletd sees the received notes and makes a REST/POST request to notify the payment gateway.

Partial payments are supported.


Wallet is view only and does not contain the main account seed or secret key.

For more information, please refer to the project on github.

Note that for the BTCPayServer integration, another part is needed. It will be released later.


BTCPayserver integration with Zcash is released.

Here’s a tutorial video on how to use it with Woocommerce (open source e-commerce platform)


That’s pretty cool !

so it is now possible for any wordpress website to access Zcash shielded payments? without having to pay any third party services? Is it possible to also go the choice between BTC and ZEC to the customer?


That’s right. For the last part, I haven’t tried having both BTC and ZEC, but it should be possible.


Excellent work @hanh !


@hanh In the grant application, you wrote that “The project will be successful if BTCPay accepts our integration requests and includes Zcash on their platform. The requirements for this to happen is listed on their project page.”

Have those requirements been met, and has an integration request been submitted to BTCPay?

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Good point, the requirements have been met.
I just submitted a pull request here: Add support for Zcash by hhanh00 · Pull Request #3387 · btcpayserver/btcpayserver · GitHub


Edit: PR is merged. Zcash integration by hhanh00 · Pull Request #3400 · btcpayserver/btcpayserver (github.com)