ZCash with the privacy feature will win like the Martingle strategy - slowly but surely

ZCash has something no other coin has, the hybrid privacy.

Coinbase and Gemini recognizes that the odds favors this coin.

But like the Martingale it must be played correctly.
The numbers must count precisely 1,2,3,6,12,24,48,96,192 and not 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256 because this count would be too risky.

ZCash is an investment played to win the long term, slow and small profits as time goes by, it will build up.

I play at BAY 101 in San Jose, California, betting only 10,20,30 dollars per deal with the Martingale strategy, the better odds belongs to me on Baccarat.
I bet only on Banker and stay on Banker until I bring home at least 50 dollars in around 30 minute of playing with 2000 dollars capital.

Baccarat is a game of 50/50 chance. You can only bet on Banker or Player.

I play 3 times a week on my day offs.
I have never lost a game, it has been 36 games so far.

I usually, at the average play 30 minutes per game, I win 50 dollars on the average, luckily my home is just 1 mile away so that gas expense is not an issue.

I’m comparing the winning odds of ZCash with the Martingale strategy - it’s the privacy feature that will make it win.

I can only trust POW though for ZCash, I hope it will stay this way and slowly but surely it will surpass the other POW coins without the hybrid privacy feature on them.

The ZecWallet is excellent, it took me 12 hours to download it but I can see how it works now.
The transparent addresses can change anytime and the z address as well.

If it is genuine what I see on this ZecWallet, this gives ZCash the better odds to surpass all the other POW coins.

Let’s say the ASIC miners pump and dump every Thursday to pay employees, well, I no longer care.
Let them have that problem and headache.

I only buy my extra money regardless of price this time, let’s talk again 10 years from now.
That said, I have to stay healthy for 10 years from now.

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Actually there are some other privacy coins around with hybrid/optional privacy…

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imo to stay competitive Zcash will need to offer some private smart contracting like the ZEXE paper, or using Sean Bowe’s pay to verification key idea.
The Lelantus protocol recently invented and soon to be live on Zcoin offers optional privacy with much lighter crypto - only Discrete Log - no trusted setup, and anonymity set of size at least 100,000


True, I have ZEN.
I meant listed on Coinbase or Gemini.

Too complicated, I will be happy if it stays as a coin like Bitcoin.
Like the Martingale strategy, no need to change anything, just be happy with small profits and go for the long term. But thats just me.
It is excellent just as it is now.

I think it’s more about usefullness, easyness and adoption than on price if there are improvements. I totally agree with @arielgabizon. To stay competive you can’t just sit and watch how the competition overtakes you…

I’m not sure how real the competitors are though like I know Facebook is real, Amazon is real, Netflix is real & Google is real.
Well, we can all speculate.
I personally can only see the use case of Bitcoin and ZCash. But that’s just me.

If there is no real use case beyond simple shielded tx, which is a possibility, then SNARKs may be an overkill with recent developments…but I tend to believe such use cases will be found; where you need to run an arbitrary contract privately

Though practically speaking, even if the engine is an overkill, the winner may be who has better UI (this is assuming people start really using shielded tx on a large scale, and not just speculating on ZEC value).

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i’d really like to see ZECBTC XCAT come to fruition. think this would have real world utility/attract more bitcoiners. might even attract hardcore bitcoin maximalists if they view ZEC as a tool to enhance BTC, and not a competitor.

+100 what ever happened to that web based tool that @jasondavies was working on? https://github.com/ZcashFoundation/GrantProposals-2017Q4/issues/29

I’m still new to this. I’m learning though.
Thanks for your responses!

This is absolutely accurate. I think we are approaching a crucial window in time where once “everyone” offers privacy features in thier coin the winner will be who has the widest area of acceptance and the best user experience.

Reminds me of the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD war. HD-DVD had first mover advantage, and superior tech but ultimately Sony pushed Blu-ray into the most households via hardware like the PS3 and cheaper Blu-ray players. And just like that HD-DVD is lost to history.

Zcash is well into first-mover advantage and has the best tech, but the others are not sitting idle. We need to get UX and adoption of Z-addresses up, ASAP.


In a third-world country like the Philippines, adoption is about your connection.
It is who you know that can turn a country upside down.
It’s the power of an influential person or family that will make it happen.

We call our soda Coke. We call our toothpaste there Colgate. No other names for those.

The Cellphones are controlled only by two companies.
Globe and Smart.

In the Philippines, the Spanish rulers in 1890 established a beer brewery called San Miguel and from that time on to now, we called San Miguel beer, “B"eer”.

In 1982, Asia Brewery ( Chinese Capital) came up with "alt “B"eers” to get some of that beer market share which was 100% belonged to San Miguel Brewery.
The alt beers did really ok for a few years but they all died down except for one alt beer, this is called “Red Horse Beer”.

Red Horse Beer is unlike any of the other alt beers, it is a malt liquor, It was a cheaper way for the common people to get drunk.
It was called Red Horse “Beer” though at that time, in 1982, when alt beer competitions were at its peak. Today we just call it Red Horse.

Red Horse now takes 60% of the market share in the Philippines.

Today we buy three types of beer distributed only by San Miguel Corporation.
San Mig Light, Beer (the original) and Red Horse.

If adoption is your connection - Coinbase and Gemini will be that.

It took Red Horse Beer which started in 1982, more than 30 years to get its market share of 56% in 2015.
But without the machinery and distribution from San Miguel Corporation, I doubt Red Horse survived the alt beer competion.

Red Horse Beer when it first came out nobody really liked it. People only bought it because it was cheaper, easy to access and available all the time.
I adopted to the Red Horse taste, I like it better now than the old beer.

Interesting, even it’s only a local example.

But there is always a problem to transfer local examples on a global level.
For example the phillippine market, to my knowledge, is way different than many others.

First of all you had a dictator for many years. Many of us know that when there is a dictatorship or communism things are not up to the market and people’s wishes.

Second, in countries with a high level of corruption the market gets influenced.

There are of course more factors but let’s keep it simple. Due the above factors often, if not always, people living in such envirement are forced to adopt a given product. This is not real adoption, it’s forced temporary adoption due the lack of real honest market competition for a given product.

On the global market things are very different and there are real interesting examples for this in the past. For example while the Russians than back where more or less forced to drive their Lada this car never had success elsewhere expect in communist countries. Or your Red Horse Beer, i doubt anybody in the EU or USA ever even heared of it. It’s a local product.

On a global market adoption works different and is based on some major factors like:

  • Marketing
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Resources
    and many others…

Compare your Philippine Red Horse Beer with Heineken for example and analyze why Heineken is worldwide known and available. There is a good chance it’s due their Quality, Marketing and Resourcces … Just some thoughts after reading your example…

Marcos was a dictator but in my opinion he was the best president the Philippines ever had.
But this is a different story, only the 2 Filipino Generals ( perhaps members of the CIA, both are West Point graduates) who initiated the coup d’état in 1986 had a strong support from the US. The US flew F16 planes to intimidate the bigger Marcos Army while they kidnapped Marcos on a US fighter helicopter and flew him to Hawaii back then.
But what was the international dark cloud that covered everything, US media.

In my opinion, a third world country will be the best market for cryptocurrency and Philippines perhaps, because we (Overseas Filipino Workers), remit billions of dollars from abroad every year.

“The US dollar is way too strong currency to be replaced by any currency, crypto or not”.

Most Americans and specially immigrants in the US who experienced a weak currency from where we came from, the American dollar was and is, a God to be trusted.

The paper bible or any religious book is black and white as money but it is trusted by those who are living on a prayer.
We even pray to win the lottery.

I’m hoping for a stronger Marketing on ZCash though, more YouTube, at least once a week.

On YouTube, its all Bitcoin but every day on my break, I watch Ivan On Tech, Modern Investor, Tone Vays and they are all negative about ZCash. But I watch them because they are all there is “this is what is available”.

But all these, I am just an individual sharing who has little knowledge about programming, computers and business in general, I just get ideas from my own mind.

What I tried to say, cryptocurrency is more available than the US dollar in third-world countries.
While in the US and the first world in general where Heineken is available and affordable, the US dollar or Japanese yen is also available. It is two to tango!