Zcash Yearbook - nominate your friends!

So you can shave and torture them in winter!?!? no way! I have heard what happens in Altiplano!

They are our alpacas now!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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why has that one been shaved so much? looks like it has mange…

Ours look a lot happier

Its the only one we have left, poor thing has to support an entire sock-knitting industry.

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So, if we were to arrange to send you another one, would you double sock production or keep it the same and only shave one half of it?

I have a feeling you will flood the market with socks. I need assurances that only one half gets shaved.

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Send us this one !


Most prescient 2020:

  • Josh Cincinatti “consider what is and isn’t being said publicly…never be afraid to question the power brokers of Zcash and hold them to task”
  • Nate Wilcox “just call the voting mechanism for what you want to get an effect on instead of it being the thing we agreed on as a community - that’s why i think fire alarms are important”

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How can I tag the Zcash Community Advisory Panel in this? @moderators can we create a group?

I don’t have a list of every ZCAP member and thier handle to make a group, and I think it would be a bad idea for them all to be “convened” here on the forums for some sort of random voting.

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I am not opposed to creating a ZCAP group for general purposes but it seems like that discussion should be in a separate thread.

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(yes, i know you could never buy socks with zec, its a typo.)


Meanwhile…the continuing adventures of ChileBobs ZEC Hoodie, tracking info says :-

  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco (still there)

lol, they still havent given me a pgp key for my backpack yet.

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I bet Canopy activates before it gets here, 'cos when it arrives in Chile they give it to an old guy on a bicycle & I live half way up the Andes - hopefully the hoodie is in the backpack.

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Y’all! Sorry for the delays. We had trouble with our merchandise vendor. Thanks for being patient. Next time merchandise will be delivered via carrier pigeon (it might even be faster that way).

:bird: :bird: :bird: :bird:


Half-way around the world & up a mountain - I feel sorry for the pigeon already - don’t worry, I got lots of patience and a good sense of humor when dealing with Chilean Post.

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Wow, I never realised I won by the most.

This post is in the lounge section so dont reply here.

I dont remember posting that. but anyway, they cannot give me a PGP Pubkey for me to use to send my information.

Currently I would have to add them on signal and give them my details that way.

They are out of backpacks so you would get a hoodie i think. - I posted this in the lounge section, so they have first right of refusal.

I must admit i am disappointed a great deal.

@joshs is their an official ECC statement as to why you will not support pgp, and only signal? (with phone number…)

btw, why not matrix? - Signal's Terrible MobileCoin Betrayal - YouTube signal is worrysome

Use NumberProtector, the Signal confirmation SMS goes to a temp mobile number & forwarded over encrypted memo (which is why Signal think I’m in the UK!)


Thank you for the suggestion.

I will let someone else claim it. A privacy company that cant give me a pgpkey so I can email my address to them so I can collect a prize is unreal. They are getting my name and address, I just want it secure in transit.

check the link above, signal is dead to me, im just waiting for others to realise and join me. signal is going to screw you over.

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