ZCash4Mac - can't send out coins

Hi all,

I am a complete crypto newbie. I bought ZCash a few years ago and just opened my ZCash4Mac wallet recently and it seemed outdated so I downloaded Exodus so I could transfer my coins there. I did a test transfer and it shows it out to the right destination address, but shows not confirmed on the receiver end and hasn’t been received by the destination.

There is only one network connection and I just got a pop-up window that says “An unexpected error occurred when updating the GUI wallet state. Please ensure the ZCaash daemon is running. Error response from wallet: error: {“code”:-2,”“message”:Safe mode:Your client is out of date and incompatible with the Heartwood network upgrade. Please update to a recent version of Zcash (3.0.0 or later."}

I have no idea what to do. Would appreciate any and all help!

I believe Zecwallet (at least the fullnode) made use of the same appdata files as the windows version Zcash4Win but that was a while ago and I can’t remember for sure but if it still does then running the latest Zecwallet should fire right up. There are other options but in any case you need to make sure you backup both your wallet and your private keys, I don’t remember if those options were in the Zcash4Win dropdown menu but if not you can run, in a terminal, zcashd manually then use zcash-cli to run the rpc call to do both of those things, backup wallet and export all private keys.

Thank you so much for responding! So if I download and open the full node zecwallet, it’ll just be there? Or is there something I need to do?

Running the latest version should work with the existing wallet files I believe so simply extracting and running it should work, assuming you’ve got things properly backed up and have enough ROM for the blockchain then there isn’t anything else to prepare

Your private keys are what you really need. You could sync a fresh node on a different device, import the keys and rescan and would produce basically the same result but would just take a little more time. Starting the latest version with the block count you have will pick up there and shouldn’t require imorting anything.