Zcash Swing Wallet - Running with unencrypted wallet?


I’m relatively new to cryptocurrencies and have just updated my Zcash Swing Wallet. I am trying to send some Zcash but every time I click send, I get an error message which is as follows:

An unexpected error occurred when sending cash!
Please ensure that the ZCaash daemon is running and parameters are correct. You may try again later…
Unexpected response from wallet: error code: -15
error message:
Error: running with an unencrypted wallet, but walletlock was called.

I have been searching the internet for an answer to this problem for a few hours now and had no luck at all. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

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Can nobody help with this? I have seen that many other threads have been resolved since I posted this and I haven’t even had a response…

This problem may happen if you have a mismatch between the versions of ZCash and the GUI wallet. It is a good idea to try using the latest ZCash 1.0.8-1 and the latest ZCash GUI wallet - 0.69

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Hey thanks so much for your reply. I am running ZCash GUI Wallet Version 0.43 and ZCash Daemon Version 1.0.3. How do I update these to the latest versions without losing my ZCash (I read somewhere that updating can cause loss of ZCash).

I now have zcash daemon version 1.0.9 but cannot figure out how to update my GUI wallet. Can you help at all? Your assistance will be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

These are way too old …

To update the ZCash Desktop GUI wallet, just replace/overwrite the old ZCashSwingWalletUI.jar with the new one.

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Despite still not fully understanding what I did, I seem to have managed to fix the issue. Thanks so much for your help, you are literally the only person who’s been able to make a bit of difference.
Do you have a Bitcoin address for donations? I have no Zcash left as the purpose of me getting my wallet to work was to send it all out.
Thanks again for your help!

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Here is a Bitcoin address, thank you:

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